We’re living in a world gone crazy. Everything that we took for granted has been called into question. In our search for safety during vacation time, this means a vacation rental is the best choice for our loved ones.


Because one thing remains the same. The need for a change of scenery. A break from the routine. With our movements limited by quarantines and stay-at-home orders, this is more important than ever.


And now, with some areas reopening to guests, people are able to start planning these getaways again.


But our priorities have shifted. We’re concerned with cleanliness. We don’t want too many other people around. We want to keep our family safe and secure.


At JZ Vacation Rentals, we understand and share your concerns. After all, we have families and loved ones, too. This is why we believe that the vacation rental properties we offer are absolutely the best choice in the face of the unique needs that Covid-19 has created.


Why Our Properties are the Safest Option for Your Family

In your search for safety, you’ll find that our properties meet every important criterion.


First, our check-in procedure is simple and contactless. Each of our properties has keyless entry, so you don’t have to come to our office to pick up a key. A unique code will be emailed to you 24-hours prior to your arrival. At check-in time, simply arrive at your property and begin your vacation!


Second, each of our properties has been thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized, according to our updated Covid-19 cleaning standards. Read about the updates we’ve made to our housekeeping procedures here.


Third, remember that you share your property entrance only with your “quaranteam”. There are no common entrances or areas.


Fourth, your home is fully equipped with everything you’ll need for a great stay. The kitchen features all appliances, as well as everything you need to prepare and enjoy a meal. If you prefer not to go out, you can relax in a comfortable space, complete with entertainment options.


Fifth, you have complete control over who enters your property while you’re there. The only exception would be in the case of a true emergency.


Vacation Rental Provides Security and Peace of Mind

We also believe that the above reasons make a vacation rental a safer and more secure option, as well.


When you lock up at night, you can go to sleep secure in the knowledge that you and your loved ones can sleep safely and soundly.


At a hotel or resort, lobbies are open 24/7 and the overnight hours are typically staffed with just a skeleton crew. Anyone can walk in. While we certainly don’t want to be alarmists, we do believe this is a factor to consider when choosing the appropriate vacation accommodations for your family or group.


Overall, with the unique circumstances we face around the world today, we feel comfortable in saying a vacation rental is the safest and most secure vacation option for your family.


We hope you’ll agree and we particularly look forward to hosting you and yours on your next visit! Browse our website today to view all of our properties.