At JZ Vacation Rentals, our vacation rental cleaning standards have always been stringent. This is just one of the ways we ensure that our guests have a consistently “best in class” experience.


When Covid-19 started spreading, we immediately saw the effect this virus would have on the vacation rental industry as a whole. With stay-at-home orders and short-term rental bans, many guests could not travel. Of those who still could, they were understandably leery of staying in unfamiliar places.


As we are now firmly in the second quarter of the unprecedented pandemic, people are beginning to peek out from their quarantines. Some restrictions have been lifted. We are becoming weary of the neverending news coverage. We’re looking forward to a partial return of “normalcy”.


For many of us, that means the freedom to travel. Months of quarantine have given rise to an almost palpable wanderlust. We’re anxious to get back on the road and visit our favorite destinations.


Covid-19 Cleaning Standards

Here, at JZ Vacation Rentals, we’re anxious to greet you, too. But before we do, we want you to understand that your safety is, and always has been our first priority.


Prior to Covid-19, our cleaning standards were already stringent. Our brand message is a consistency of quality and nowhere is that more evident than in the clean, fresh, welcoming homes we offer to all of our guests.


Since the virus, our housekeeping professionals go above and beyond to ensure your safety and peace of mind. Our cleaning regimen is now based on recommendations from the CDC and includes disinfecting and sanitizing all surfaces.


Additional Vacation Rental Cleaning Protocols

Below are a few of the additional cleaning protocols we’ve incorporated to keep you and your family safe:


  • All housekeeping staff disinfects their personal phones, wears disposable gloves, and ensures proper ventilation in each property
  • When employing disinfectant solutions, a 70% alcohol base is used
  • Cleaning cloths are color-coded to prevent cross-contamination
  • Sanitizing spray used on furniture, curtain edges, and decorative pillows
  • Phones and electronics are sanitized with disinfectant spray or wipes
  • Light switches are sanitized
  • Ceiling fan pull chains are sanitized
  • Window sills, window handles, and window covering edges and pulls are sanitized
  • Thermostats are sanitized
  • Staircases and railings are sanitized
  • Garbage cans are sanitized inside and out
  • Knobs and handles of appliances and cabinets are sanitized
  • Small appliances, including cords, switches, and knobs are sanitized
  • Sponges used in the cleaning process are discarded
  • Kitchen amenities, such as oil, salt & pepper shakers and containers are cleaned
  • Lamp power switches are sanitized
  • Hangers and luggage racks are disinfected
  • TV and AC remotes are sanitized
  • Shower curtain edges and liners are sanitized
  • Faucet and toilet handles are sanitized
  • Hair dryers are sanitized, including the buttons and cord
  • Bathroom amenities, such as shampoo, soap, etc., are sanitized
  • Areas on the washer/dryer are sanitized
  • Iron/ironing board are sanitized
  • Guest guides left in-home, as well as office supplies, such as pens and paper are sanitized
  • Child items, such as high chairs and Pack and Plays are sanitized
  • Keys, keypads, and alarm pads are sanitized
  • Door handles, locks and edges of the front door are sanitized
  • Outdoor furniture is sanitized
  • Additional amenities, such as bikes, games, and books


In short, we at JZ Vacation Rentals have done everything in our power to keep you safe, comfortable, and protected from harm from staying in one of our luxury properties.


Hosting you is our business and our pleasure and we hope to continue serving you for many years to come. If there’s anything we can do to make your stay more comfortable in any way, all you have to do is ask.