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The JZ Difference

150+ Point Inspection

Before a property can list on our site, JZ conducts a thorough 150 Point inspection to maintain consistent quality standards across our entire brand of inventory. We've compiled this 150 point list by simply listening to thousands of guest reviews over 7+ years. We call this list our "Guest Standards Checklist".

The JZ Family

The JZ Family is our team of hardworking facilities, cleaning, and guest support staff that work around the clock to prepare our homes and make sure every guest is provided with the elevated experience of a JZ Vacation Rentals stay.

24/7 Guest Support

Our Guest support agents work around the clock to ensure that your communication needs are urgently met in a timely manner. We love communicating with our guests and truly enjoy the connections we've established over the years.

ContactLess Check-In 24/7

All of our homes are equipped with Point Central Home Automation Smart Lock technology to ensure a smooth Check-In Experience by providing a unique code and a contactless Check-In Experience.

Travel Insurance

Travel Protection Solutions

JZ partners with RentalGuardian to provide our guests with the option of enabling Travel Protection Solutions in case the unexpected arises prior to your trip.

Safe & Family Friendly

As parents and frequent travelers ourselves, we believe in the small details that weigh heavily towards the safety of a home for our guests. From handpicking the area of each home to providing essential safety items such as First Aid Kits, Fire Extinguishers, Smoke & Carbon Monoxide alarms, and much more.

JZ Vacation Rentals

Here at JZ Vacation Rentals, our quality standard is the foundation of the JZ brand. We are a heart-centered business that works hard every day to bring our guests an exceptional experience. Our mission is quality over quantity. We strive for consistency in all experiences within our brand. From Vacation Rentals in 9 states to Long Term Rentals in St Louis to our newest concept of Coworking offices now available to Rent. Our Brand is evolving by simply listening to what our guests want, and everything we strive for is because of our love & desire to create lasting memories and experiences for our loyal guests, employees and the owners that trust us to manage their property. By booking directly with JZ Vacation Rentals, you'll have the reassurance of a best in class experience throughout all of our homes. We go the extra mile to carefully choose, inspect, and list quality homes that are in high demand yet safe areas. If our family would stay there and feel comfortable, then we feel comfortable offering it to your family. We discovered in our own travel experiences that it can be quite the challenge to find consistency in the home-sharing industry unless you're an expert at utilizing filters to save you time sifting through 100's of homes.

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We do things differently

Our goal is to provide quality homes that pass our branding inspection before ever listing on our website. We also invest heavily in technology to allow guests to explore 3D Virtual Tours, simplify the booking process, check-in experience, communication, and much more. Additionally, you'll save 10-20% by skipping the online travel agents and booking directly with JZ Vacation Rentals

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Guest Testimonials

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Great property!

“ The thoughtfully designed description could also say thoughtfully appointed. The small things are done well. For example, every bathroom is identically appointed, the unit is equipped with a baby gate, a pack-n-play, a baby/pet gate, iron & ironing board, and the list goes on. Beds are super comfy! The large dining table matches the occupancy of the unit. They didn’t skimp on the TVs and the Roku and the cable TV we nice touches. Would stay here again.”

Rodney - 8-19-20

Guest Rating

Wonderful experience all around!

We plan on renting our vacation homes from JZ from now on!

Jennifer M. 7-20-20

Guest Rating

JZ Vacation RentalsProperty Management

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JZ Vacation RentalsProperty Management

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