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Our Story

The JZ story is based on resilience, family, faith, growth and helping our community. We are more than just a company, we’re a family and so is everyone that stays at any of our properties.


Meet The Team


Alex Zemianek

The Founder

Alex’s childhood rooted in Lenexa, Kansas & then later moved to St Louis, MO. At a young age, his childhood friends, his neighbors, and family could see something just a little bit different in the young kid. Alex’s peers noticed early on he would grow up to do something bold and different with his life. During the summers, Alex tested and successfully treaded the waters of entrepreneurship with a self-made lawn mowing business. As the hot Midwestern summers would turn to fall, Alex would go around door to door, acquiring new business each day. He knew that if he wanted to expedite his process and earn more revenue, he would have to make enough to purchase a faster riding mower; and that is just what he did. Alex reached his financial rock bottom point in life at age 18 in Columbia MO. His parents were emotionally supportive of their wild child, but his father had a strong belief that the only way that Alex would learn financial responsibility was to never toss him a life vest when he got into legal trouble, hardship, evictions, and became too broke to even afford food or rent. His Mom & Dad no longer recognized thier boy that once started with his own successful lawn mowing business when he was just a boy, to struggling to find enough spare change in his couch at age 18 to afford one totinos pizza that he and his roommate split after starving for a couple of days. Time seemed to move too quickly from his childhood to his early adult years. And it was only at the age of 20 when Alex got the news no young person should have to get. His father had suffered a sudden heart attack during work and had suddenly passed. This split second in time ended up changing the rest of his life. Alex now understood that life is far too short not to live life with passion and purpose. Whether it is the unique entrepreneurial mindset that many entrepreneurs have, the work ethic passed down from this father, or one of the life-changing moments in between, Alex soon took to the corporate world with passion and perseverance. Alex started his career at a local mall kiosk selling AT&T services. It was only six months in that the team took notice of his work and promoted him to the store manager. Two years passed and Alex found himself promoted again, leading the largest store in the company. After nine years of service to AT&T, Alex resigned as the top regional manager in the nation. Throughout his corporate career though, Alex always had the reminder that life is really short, that it is so important to go after the things in life that you care most about. Alex took a leap of faith and took his career and life into his own hands by founding what is now a seven-figure business. In honor of his late father, Kevin Joseph Zemianek, the business was named KJZ Investments LLC, which has now evolved into JZ Properties, JZ Vacation Rentals and his new non-profit, JZ Gives Back. Today his role goes much deeper than CEO or Founder. Alex is a committed husband and father and devotes his free time to his wife, Molly, and two children, Mason and Mila. Outside of his family and business, you can find Alex mentoring investors and teaching real estate investment groups. Alex says that the only thing that feels better than achieving a goal is inspiring others to achieve theirs.


Kim Conway

Quality Control

Kim Conway was one of the first employees of JZ Vacation Rentals working directly with the Founder & CEO Alex Zemianek. Within a very short timeframe Kim showed the CEO that her talents far exceeded her ability to have an extreme attention to detail. Within 6 months of being the lead cleaner, Kim was promoted to supervise the Cleaning, Maintenance, and Inventory Quality Control. Aside from Kim’s passion for helping her guest & company, she’s a a fun, creative, hard working mom of three amazing daughters, who are her world. She enjoys camping, boating, going on adventures with her family and challenges. She gets a lot of my inspiration from my grandma and she’s so proud of the fact that her strong willed grandma is a cancer survivor and is the last of 8 children. It’s important to Kim that her friends and most importantly her family to know how hard she works, tries every day to be better than yesterday, and sometimes it works, sometimes she fails, but she’s always learning and becoming a stronger mother, wife, employee and person each day.


Nikolai Kronk

Operations Manager


Rick Kronk