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Alex Zemianek’s business and personal philosophy compels him to give back to the community that has supported and nurtured him.

One of the not-so-secrets of Alex’s success is that it’s never about him. It’s always about supporting others.

Alex believes the best way to serve a community is to empower its members to elevate their own positions. He thrives on giving them the tools, the knowledge, and the self-confidence to thrive.

Alex’s wife, Molly, is fond of saying, “If you hang out with Alex long enough, he’ll brainwash you into believing in yourself.”


The Catalyst

Alex gained his perspective through tragedy. When he lost his father at the tender age of 20, he realized that life is short and precious. That it never be wasted or deferred  So, Alex chose to use this adversity as a catalyst to propel him forward, rather than an inhibitor to keep him stuck.

The first step in Alex’s professional journey was to read the respected blockbuster book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. Armed with the principles set forth, Alex began his career by accepting a position with AT&T.

While it was always his intent to carry on his father’s real estate legacy, Alex knew that he had to have a solid business background from which to draw. It was this knowledge and foresight that saw him rise steadily through the corporate ranks of AT&T for 14 years. When he reached the pinnacle of #1 District Manager within the company, he knew it was time to accomplish new goals.


JZ Founded

With the unconditional encouragement of his mother, and unwavering support of his wife, Alex founded KJZ Investments, LLC, which has since evolved into JZ Properties and JZ Vacation Rentals.

And honor it, he has. Alex has created a 7-figure business based on the principles of fairness, trust, collaboration, and giving back to the community that has helped him prosper.

JZ Vacation Rentals and its sister company, JZ Properties helps investors, hosts, and guests with many aspects of real estate. Some of these include long- and short-term rental properties, property management services, real estate development, and investment strategies.

Alex is particularly proud of the non-profit arm of his organization. JZ Gives Back, gives back to individuals and groups in the community.


JZ Gives Back to Community Organizations

Homelessness and children in need are just two of the groups that JZ Gives Back supports. In addition, they provide education and legal representation for the short-term rental industry.

Some of the organizations they work with include:

St. Patrick’s Center in St. Louis, which provides “opportunities for self-sufficiency and dignity to people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Individuals and families build permanent, positive change in their lives through safe and affordable housing, sound mental and physical health, and employment and financial stability.”

In 2019, JZ Gives Back helped raise more than $8400 for the Heart & Soul Foundation, which supports children born with heart defects, with the donation of two 7-day vacation rentals.

JZ Gives Back hosts monthly “Meet-Up” events aimed at bringing the community together. They provide education for local entrepreneurs to help businesses evolve and raise awareness of the short-term rental industry in the St. Louis area. They also provide free real estate coaching, Airbnb education, and non-profit organization.


Alex Zemianek believes as strongly in giving back to his community as he believes in its inhabitants. If you are interested in donating to any of the JZ Gives Back’s causes, please get in touch. We appreciate you!


JZ Shows its Support to Vacation Rental Guests & Industry


One of the most basic principles of JZ Vacation RentalsJZ Properties, and JZ Gives Back is exactly that….giving back. During these challenging times, it’s become more important than ever to show our support to not just our vacation rental guests, but the short-term rental industry as a whole.

So, how do we do this? In many ways.


How We Show Support to our Vacation Rental Guests

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, we have significantly enhanced our cleaning protocols to keep all of our guests even safer.

Next, each of our vacation rental properties undergoes a stringent 100+ point inspection, to be sure it is conforming with JZ Rentals standards of excellence. No item will be missing when a guest checks in. It’s just one of the ways we make sure our vacation rental guests also have a “best in class” experience at a JZ vacation rental.

Then, as an additional safety measure, we have equipped all of our properties with keyless entry. This protects you by not having to come to a rental office to pick up keys. Shortly before your check-in date, you’ll be emailed your unique door code. It also cuts down on unnecessary travel by allowing you to go straight to your property at check-in time, rather than making an extra stop.

Last, our blog at JZ Vacation Rentals keeps all of our guests up to date on the latest happenings. We hope you subscribe and tell all your friends and family, too!


How We Show Support to the Vacation Rental Industry

This is one of the ways in which JZ Vacation Rentals truly shines.

JZ’s President and Founder, Alex Zemianek, is passionate about helping other entrepreneurs grow successful businesses. As a real estate developer, investor, and entrepreneur, he has focused his considerable efforts on the vacation rental industry. He founded STLSTR.org as a non-profit organization, whose goal is to raise awareness of the magical city of St. Louis as a short-term rental destination.

In addition, Alex volunteers his time to advocate for the vacation rental industry, lobbying for positive changes for both himself and all his fellow short-term rental entrepreneurs.

Also, it’s easy to join in on any of Alex’s weekly Meet-Ups! You’ll gain some invaluable strategies for small business growth, including real estate coaching, Airbnb education, and mentoring. All conducted on a volunteer basis!


Other Topics of Interest

Always near and dear to his heart, however, is the ability to draw attention to and help non-profit organizations.  To this end, he supports (and invites everyone else to, also!) several area non-profits, including St. Patrick’s Center and Cardinal Glennon’s Heart and Soul Foundation.

The most compelling thing about JZ Properties, JZ Vacation Rentals, and Alex Zemianek? His wife Molly sums it up perfectly, “If you hang around Alex long enough, he’ll brainwash you into believing in yourself.”


That’s a pretty good place to be.

To Our Valued Guests

We apologize for our recent lack of communication. We’ve been very busy behind the scenes making sure our properties are perfect for you. We are writing today to catch you up on what has been going on at JZ Vacation Rentals.

First of all, the past few months have been a rollercoaster of epic proportions. Every day, and sometimes every hour, brought new and unsettling news.

It’s been a struggle for everyone not to get overwhelmed. We get it.


Covid-19 Overdrive

At JZ Vacation Rentals, as soon as the news about Covid-19 started filtering in, we knew we had a lot of planning and work to do. There was just no time to hesitate.

Our guests’ safety and the cleanliness of our properties have always been our top priorities. So, one of the first thing we did was to review our cleaning protocols and research how we could improve them to meet CDC standards. All to keep you even safer.

Those updates were implemented immediately. Please read about them.


How We’re Keeping You Safe

In addition, all of our properties now feature contactless check-in. This means they have been outfitted with keyless entry and you won’t have to come to our rental office to pick up keys. Just prior to your arrival, you’ll be emailed a unique code. This code will open the door to your property promptly at check-in time on your arrival date.

Here’s another exciting development! Some of our owners have chosen to allow long-term rentals in their properties for a discounted rate. This is great news for guests! If you are still WFH (working from home) or your job has always been telecommuting, why not enjoy a lengthy change of scenery in one of our beautiful and safe vacation rental homes or condos?


We Can’t Wait to See You!

As parts of the country have begun reopening, we’re excited to invite you to visit us  As always, if you have any questions or if there is anything we can do to make your stay better, please reach out. We always strive to provide “best in class” service to our guests and are happy to help in any way we can.


We hope to see you soon!

As we carefully emerge from quarantine and crane our necks back into the world, we’ll find a lot has changed during this forced hibernation.

Like the way we shop. The way we dine, learn, and interact.

Maybe the way we vacation, too. Vacation rentals are becoming increasingly popular as travelers start to recognize how safe and secure private homes, condos, and apartments are.


Travel is Still a Priority

While what we used to take for granted has changed, much remains the same. As human beings, we want to be seen, be heard, be understood. We want new places and new experiences. To see something different out the window.

We still want to travel. And we will. We’re already starting to.

But as with so many other aspects of society, travel will not look the same. For the foreseeable future, we’re running a little nervous. We don’t want to be around too many people, knowing we’re just safer with our known and trusted “quaranteam”.

We don’t want to crowd into hotel lobbies. And we definitely don’t want to swim in a pool with others or use the same exercise equipment. Even if in-house dining were an option, we’re still pretty leery of that, too.

So, what do we do? How can we still enjoy a safe getaway?


Hotel Rooms vs. Vacation Rentals

Well, let’s consider our options.

How about hotel rooms? Have they been sanitized properly? Have the bed covers been washed between guests? Are the carpets clean? Have rooms been left empty for the recommended 3 days between guests?

The truth is, we just don’t know. And that’s a scary question mark.

Now let’s consider vacation rentals. They provide a far safer, far more peaceful experience for those groups and families who decide to get away.

There’s no lobby to check in to. Most homes have switched to keyless entry, so no keys to fumble with. No lobbies or common hallways to navigate. And no shared amenities. You share your property amenities only with the people you’re vacationing with.

So, no one you don’t know in your pool or hot tub. No other sweaty hands on your exercise equipment. No one in your space at the breakfast table or cocktail bar.

You’ll enjoy as much isolation you want. You have total control when you stay at a vacation rental. And, with JZ Vacation Rentals, you can be assured that not only will your property be thoroughly cleaned, it will also be disinfected and sanitized to EPA guidelines. Please read about our updated cleaning guidelines.


Vacation Rentals as an Easy Choice

Moving forward from this pandemic health crisis, vacation rentals will be the clear accommodations of choice. Not only do they offer a safe experience, guests have ultimate control over their activities and environment.

As guests begin to understand that anyone can enjoy the benefits of a private vacation rental, we expect to see high demand for this travel option. Amenities such as a living room and full kitchen are very appealing, particularly since they usually cost the same or even less than a hotel or resort!

Travelers will begin to understand that vacation rentals check off all the boxes – they are safe, secure, and economical. Best of all, they offer something no cookie-cutter hotel or insulated resort room can – an authentic “locals” experience.

Vacation rentals provide a true feel of the area you’ve chosen and you’ll get to live, for the duration of your vacation, like the locals do. You’ll be on the inside looking out, instead of well, you know…

JZ Vacation Rentals is excited to help you find the perfect property for you and your party!

We’re living in a world gone crazy. Everything that we took for granted has been called into question. This means that when we’re planning a trip,  we’re looking for the safest vacation rental options for our loved ones.


Because one thing remains the same. The need for a change of scenery. A break from the routine. With our movements limited by quarantines and stay-at-home orders, this is more important than ever.


And now, with some areas reopening to guests, people are able to start planning these getaways again.


But our priorities have shifted. We’re concerned with cleanliness. We don’t want too many other people around. We want to keep our family safe and secure.


At JZ Vacation Rentals, we understand and share your concerns. After all, we have families and loved ones, too. This is why we believe that the vacation rental properties we offer are absolutely the best choice in the face of the unique needs that Covid-19 has created.


Why Our Properties are the Safest Option for Your Family

First, our check-in procedure is simple and contactless. Each of our properties has keyless entry, so you don’t have to come to our office to pick up a key. A unique code will be emailed to you 24-hours prior to your arrival. At check-in time, simply arrive at your property and begin your vacation!


Second, each of our properties has been thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized, according to our updated Covid-19 cleaning standards. Read about the updates we’ve made to our housekeeping procedures here.


Third, remember that you share your property entrance only with your “quaranteam”. There are no common entrances or areas.


Fourth, your home is fully equipped with everything you’ll need for a great stay. The kitchen features all appliances, as well as everything you need to prepare and enjoy a meal. If you prefer not to go out, you can relax in a comfortable space, complete with entertainment options.


Fifth, you have complete control over who enters your property while you’re there. The only exception would be in the case of a true emergency.


Vacation Rentals Provide Security and Peace of Mind

We also believe that the above reasons make a vacation rental a safer and more secure option, as well.


When you lock up at night, you can go to sleep secure in the knowledge that you and your loved ones can sleep safely and soundly.


At a hotel or resort, lobbies are open 24/7 and the overnight hours are typically staffed with just a skeleton crew. Anyone can walk in. While we certainly don’t want to be alarmists, we do believe this is a factor to consider when choosing the appropriate vacation accommodations for your family or group.


Overall, with the unique circumstances we face around the world today, we feel comfortable in saying a vacation rental is the safest and most secure vacation option for your family.


We hope you’ll agree and we particularly look forward to hosting you and yours on your next visit!

At JZ Vacation Rentals, our vacation rental cleaning standards have always been stringent. This is just one of the ways we ensure that our guests have a consistently “best in class” experience.


When Covid-19 started spreading, we immediately saw the effect this virus would have on the vacation rental industry as a whole. With stay-at-home orders and short-term rental bans, many guests could not travel. Of those who still could, they were understandably leery of staying in unfamiliar places.


As we are now firmly in the second quarter of the unprecedented pandemic, people are beginning to peek out from their quarantines. Some restrictions have been lifted. We are becoming weary of the neverending news coverage. We’re looking forward to a partial return of “normalcy”.


For many of us, that means the freedom to travel. Months of quarantine have given rise to an almost palpable wanderlust. We’re anxious to get back on the road and visit our favorite destinations.


Safety First

Here, at JZ Vacation Rentals, we’re anxious to greet you, too. But before we do, we want you to understand that your safety is, and always has been our first priority.


Prior to Covid-19, our cleaning standards were already stringent. Our brand message is a consistency of quality and nowhere is that more evident than in the clean, fresh, welcoming homes we offer to all of our guests.


Since the virus, our housekeeping professionals go above and beyond to ensure your safety and peace of mind. Our cleaning regimen is now based on recommendations from the CDC and includes disinfecting and sanitizing all surfaces.


Additional Cleaning Protocols

Below are a few of the additional cleaning protocols we’ve incorporated to keep you and your family safe:



In short, we at JZ Vacation Rentals have done everything in our power to keep you safe, comfortable, and protected from harm from staying in one of our luxury properties.


Hosting you is our business and our pleasure and we hope to continue serving you for many years to come. If there’s anything we can do to make your stay more comfortable in any way, all you have to do is ask.

With all the uncertainty in the world today, people are longing for an escape. A change from the day-to-day scenery, a break from stay-at-home and quarantine orders. But certain vacation rental websites got some very bad press about their Covid-19 cancellation policies. So much so that many potential guests are now afraid to book a vacation for fear of losing their money should they have to cancel.


At JZ Vacation Rentals, we hear and understand your concerns. We’d like to take this opportunity to explain how we managed cancellations due to Covid-19.


During the latter part of March and much of April, we lost the majority of our reservations. We refunded nearly every guest 100%. As a company, we have a strong moral compass. We decided very early on that we would not put profit above compassion for any of our guests. We are in this business for the long haul and putting money before people is not part of our brand and the legacy we want to create.


The Aftermath


Still, there were problems.


The “perfect storm” of events surrounding those mass cancellations presented us with challenges we had never faced before.


Our third-party credit card processing company was completely overwhelmed with refund requests and simply could not process them all in a timely manner. Unfortunately, many of our guests were subjected to longer than usual waiting times for refunds.


We kept in frequent contact with our vendor, but there was little we could do to speed up the process. We appreciate everyone’s patience and apologize for any inconvenience these wait times caused.


All in all, it was a confusing and stressful time for all of us.


Post Covid-19 Cancellation Policies


Now that the worst of the cancellations are over, we have gone back to our pre-virus cancellation policy, which is as follows:



Trust and Transparency


Here, at JZ Vacation Rentals, we try hard to foster an environment of trust and transparency with our guests, our owners, and our staff.


One of the best ways we know how to do this is with education. The more transparent we are, the more trust we build. The more trust we build, the more loyalty our guests, owners, and staff feel.


And that’s a win-win for everyone.


If you have any questions about any of our company policies, we urge you to reach out and ask us. We’re here to answer all your questions and as always, provide you with the “best in class” service.


We look forward to welcoming you and your family to one of our luxury vacation rental properties. Please feel confident in the knowledge that we have taken every precaution to keep you and your family safe during these uncertain times. Please review our Covid-19 cleaning procedures. 


JZ Vacation Rentals is thrilled to participate in the first annual Vacation Rental Week—the vacation and holiday rental industry’s first of its kind! We’d like to use this opportunity to highlight the value and key benefits of professionally-managed vacation rentals for both guests and property owners alike, and to encourage you to book a stay or choose a professional manager to rent your vacation property.


As a guest, vacation rentals are a great alternative to hotels in every aspect, offering you much more for your money, with additional space, privacy, convenience, and amenities included. Along with this added value, your options are constantly increasing as the industry itself experiences rapid growth each year, meaning there are more available properties, more variety, and more destinations to choose from. Vacation rentals also present you with a unique opportunity to create a more personalized, memorable vacation experience when compared with traditional hotels. You’ll have the practical comfort of an actual residence, the ability to explore the neighborhood, and the opportunity to discover aspects of your destination you might not encounter when staying at a hotel. If you’re vacationing with a group of family or friends, vacation rentals are an excellent option, typically offering multiple bedrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and easy access to local entertainment.


For property owners, renting your second property through a professional manager can be an easy and reliable revenue source, transforming it into an asset that offers a significant return on your investment. You’ll also be able to use the property when you choose, spending your own vacations there with family or friends, while renting it to guests the rest of the year. A professional vacation rental manager will handle all the logistics, securing responsible guests, and maximizing your return through an expert understanding of the industry and in-depth knowledge of the local community. They’ll also advertise the property, handle inquiries, collect deposits and balances, generate agreements, and follow-up post-rental, so you can sit back and simply enjoy the experience.


Contact us with any inquiries regarding your investment property.





With neighborhood staples like Culpeppers, 1764, Llewelyn’s, and Coffee Cartel closing their doors for good, now is the time to visit the Central West End and all of the great dining and entertainment it has to offer. Also, CWE (as the locals say) is just steps from St. Louis’ gorgeous Forest Park.

Recently, Brennan’s, another popular CWE spot, announced that they are closing after more than 17 years. Thankfully, they have plans to relocate in the area, but for other owners, that may not be an option.

Here are some great places to check out before it’s too late.

Get Crafty at Candle Fusion Studio

What’s that fantastic scent? If it’s not one of the delicious restaurants in the area, chances are it’s the Candle Fusion Studio on McPherson Avenue. This boutique offers visitors the opportunity to create their own custom candles from over 100 scents.

Husband and wife team Keith and Deanna opened this family-owned business in 2016. The shop offers the perfect outlet for everything from a family outing to a romantic date night.

And, don’t worry about setting the perfect date. The Candle Fusion Studio loves spontaneity and always welcomes walk-ins.

Stand with the Greats at Writer’s Corner

At the corner of McPherson and Euclid, statues of former CWE residents and literary legends Tennessee Williams, T.S. Eliot and Kate Chopin await. They sit on three corners of the intersection. Can you spot them all?

The statues are part of an initiative that began in 2007 to raise awareness of the literary history of St. Louis.

Find a Page-Turner at Left Bank Books

Left Bank Books in the Central West End

If you happen to catch the literary bug while visiting Writer’s Corner, Left Bank Books is the perfect spot to buzz around.

Founded in 1969 by graduate students from nearby Washington University, this locally-owned bookstore offers a curated selection of intelligent, relevant, and culturally diverse reads.

Left Bank also produces over 300 events a year. So, chances are you’ll find more than just your next favorite read when you stop in.



Planning a visit to the Central West End or maybe your perfect St. Louis stay-cation? The JZ Vacation Rentals Family would love to host you in our newest 2b/2ba home right on McPherson Avenue. Book Here.

Exterior of McPherson Building in Central West End
McPherson Building in Central West End | JZ Vacation Rentals | Click Photo for a Virtual Tour


Embrace St. Louis’ History at Evangeline’s Bistro and Music House

St. Louis has never been afraid to embrace its French heritage. We host one of the largest Mardi Gras celebrations outside of New Orleans. For foodies, there’s also a host of restaurants with menu offerings that rival the best from “The Big Easy.”

Evangeline’s on Euclid is no exception.

When they’re not putting on their annual Cajun Festival, Evangeline’s is serving up comfort foods from crawfish to gumbo. Those looking for a festive drink can try one of Evangeline’s 14 hand-crafted and house-infused rums, or a “Vieux Carre Cocktail” like the VooDoo Mojo.

Evangeline’s also proudly supports St. Louis’ vibrant music scene, hosting local artists almost every night of the week.

Sip and Listen at Gamlin Whiskey House

After a full day enjoying the neighborhood, it’s time to relax. You earned it. Walk into Gamlin Whiskey House and reconnect with artisanship.

With a design inspired by the distilling process, utilizing reclaimed barrels and white oak, Gamlin is well suited to warm and nourish while you reflect on your visit to one of St. Louis’ most prominent neighborhoods.

Gamlin is also ranked as one of USA Today’s best bars for whiskey lovers and brings people together with food meant for sharing.

Throughout the year, Gamlin hosts a variety of events from country music nights to their monthly “Women and Whiskey,” which offers the chance to bond over whiskey and Irish dance.


Plan a day or leave time to wander. However you choose to visit, St. Louis’ Central West End welcomes you with open doors and plenty of great ways to enjoy the city.

To put it simply, dynamic pricing is a strategy in which product pricing continually adjusts in response to real-time supply and demand. Without proper guidance, your Airbnb listing could be massively under priced or overpriced in off-peak seasons.



Here at JZ Vacation Rentals, we leverage proprietary software systems to automatically adjust nightly pricing rates based on the dynamic situation, season, or demand.  This strategy within JZ’s Airbnb Management Services is known as “dynamic pricing”. We have also seen it referred to as surge pricing, demand pricing, time-based pricing or revenue management.

An example of dynamic pricing that one might be familiar with is Uber surge pricing. When demand of an Uber is high in a specific area at a specific time, the cost of the Uber is surcharged to a higher rate. Our team was just in New Orleans for the Vacation Rental Management Association Conference and when we took an Uber to the airport, the cost was 2x the normal rate because the supply was low and demand was high at the time. The vacation rental industry’s dynamic pricing is similar because we adjust pricing based on the demand. For our industry, we analyze the booking window in each city. For example, St. Louis’ average booking window is 40 days out. This means that the majority of people visiting this awesome city are typically booking their homes 40 days prior to their trip. We use that information as a factor when cross referencing pricing with seasonality when adjusting prices.



That’s a high level overview of dynamic pricing and how we use it in the vacation rental industry in order to increase revenue. To learn more about how to increase your vacation rental revenue or Airbnb occupancy, check out our other blogs here: www.jzvacationrentals.com/blog

To calculate your potential revenue by partnering with JZ Vacation Rentals click here