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Once you have purchased the vacation home you would like to rent out, you have some more decisions to make. You must make sure the house is perfect and ready to go, but if you want to have a vacation rental property management company take care of the details. Here are some reasons why it might be advantageous for you and what to look for when choosing a property management company.

Why Choose a Vacation Rental Property Management Company?

A management company can save you a lot of time, effort, and headaches. Because they are specialists and have many years of experience, they can focus on the little things. At the same time, you work on collecting your real estate empire—or just a few income properties, depending on your goals.

A property management company will take care of listing your property, which can be a massive headache for an individual owner. They know where, when, and how to post your listings. They will make sure the listing has the best photography, graphics, and copywriting. If you’re not an expert writer or photographer, you will understand how important this is. Make sure you choose a property management company that has a good cleaning and maintenance service.

Cost Management

If you had to do all the things a management company does for you, you’d be keeping track of dozens of invoices and their payments, guest payments, credit cards, websites, and so much more. That’s not your job. Your job is to find properties for your portfolio. Make sure your management company can give you fair accounting with one management fee. Your bookkeeper will thank you for it!

Easy Reservations

Do you really want to be available 24/7 to answer questions about reservations? Let a management company handle it! Getting reservations is your bread and butter, so make it convenient for your guests by using a management company’s online reservation system. They also have lots of tentacles out in the social media and advertising world, saving you both time and money.


An experienced property management company has seen it all and learned from it. Ensure the company you choose has a history of excellent quality in the area where your vacation rental property resides. As with any other big decision, check their references! If you applied for a job with them, they would ask for yours, so do your due diligence. It’s too important a choice not to.

Vacation planning almost always revolves around the time of year you want to travel. Some areas are best visited in the summer or winter because they have the best seasonal activities for those times of the year. The best time to visit St. Louis is spring and fall due to the milder temperatures and attractions that are favorites during those seasons. Here are a few reasons for each.

Things to Do in St. Louis in the Spring

Springtime in St. Louis is when the lush green carpet in America fills out, and the splashes of colorful flowers grow above it. April and May in St. Louis are not yet warm enough to be uncomfortable for some people, but the flowers are blooming, and the scent of new things growing is in the air.

One of the favorite spring attractions in St. Louis is Grant’s Farm. Initially owned by Ulysses S. Grant, this farm has a petting zoo, shows about and with animals, and has lots of exotic animals on display. Six Flags St. Louis is also a must-see if you have the kids with you. This family fun park opens mid-May with its full schedule and has some of the best rides and activities in St. Louis.

The St. Louis Zoo is also a favorite. In the spring, they present a sea lion show that will thrill all ages. And don’t forget the Gateway Arch! In addition to visiting the arch monument, you can take a riverboat cruise on the Mighty Mississippi and view it from the water.

Things to Do in St. Louis in the Fall

Autumn is always a magical time in the Midwest United States, and St. Louis is on the top of many people’s visit list. Again, the temperatures are very mild, but there is less rainfall in the fall, making the air a little drier and more pleasant.

The Apple Fest at Eckert’s is a lot of fun for the whole family. Eckert’s is a fabulous day trip, from wagon rides and children’s attractions to live music and food. Another excellent day trip is Brookdale Farms, which has a pumpkin patch and hayrides available. And don’t miss the Corn Maze! With a whopping 17 acres of winding and twisting paths, this is a favorite of visitors for fall fun.

Other activities include a river cruise, Halloween parties, and haunted house tours, and Big Muddy Adventures, which offers paddleboat tours of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers.

While you’re here, make sure you book a vacation rental at JZ Vacation Rentals. We know St. Louis and can help you find fun activities for the whole family!

Real estate has always been an attractive yet mythical beast when it comes to safe investing. There is competition, but there are so many different kinds of real estate investing that there is enough to go around. But one of the best ways to make money in real estate is the vacation rental. A lot of that is due to property management companies and the expert help they give. You may be asking yourself, “should I invest in vacation rental property?” In this article, we’ll find out why the answer to that is a definite “yes!”

Vacation Rentals vs Hotels

Vacationers in the past used to accept that they were going to stay in a tiny, cramped hotel room with no home-away-from-home amenities. Over time, companies began looking for long-term rentals for their traveling employees. But what to do with the property between corporate visits? Rent them out to vacationers, of course.

Easy Investing

Because the popularity of vacation homes is growing, many people are buying them as their first investments. It’s easy because you would be basically purchasing a second home and just renting it out between your visits.

A vacation rental is a great way to be near your college student, aging relatives or have a more pleasant environment during winter weather in your home town.

Income Potential

What you’re looking for is positive cash flow, like any other investor. If you choose an attractive property and a highly rated management company, you have a much better chance of having that cash flow sooner. Although this will not guarantee that you’ll cross the break-even point quickly, it will help ensure that it happens.

The location can make all the difference, too. If you like to visit the beach during the winter months, for example, you might choose a property in Florida and stay there yourself for a week or two and rent it out the rest of the time. You may like to avoid the hot Florida summers, so you’d rent it out to vacationers. With that in mind, you do well to choose a property near the theme parks, water sports havens, or other vacation draws that Florida offers.

As you can see, owning a vacation rental can be a great way to start your real estate portfolio. It can also make it possible for you to have a second home-away-from-home in an area that would benefit you. A top-notch vacation rental property manager can make details like cleaning and maintenance, finding renters, automating check-in/check-out, and keeping track of income and expenses more manageable. Take your time to find the best one for your needs.

When you’re making vacation plans, one of your biggest concerns will be where to stay. There are dozens upon hundreds of choices in almost every popular destination, depending on the size of the city or town. So how do you decide between a vacation rental vs a hotel room? Here are some things to ask yourself when making that critical decision.

What Environment Do You Want?

Do you want to be wall-to-wall with another family or group—people you don’t even know? Do you want to have to go to a central area for morning meals without knowing precisely what the hotel means by “continental breakfast?” Do you want to get up when you want and take a shower when you want without remembering to hang a tag on the door, so housekeeping doesn’t barge in and see you in all your glory?

Of course not! No one wants to enjoy a day on vacation, then come home to a small space that is nothing but a bedsit with a direct line to over-priced room service and a big unknown for breakfast. For a little more cost, you can have a vacation home.

Why Are You Visiting?

If you’re on vacation, having a vacation home where you can sprawl out after a day of fun is convincing enough. But what about other reasons?

Family Matters

If you’re in town for a wedding, you will likely be hosting people at your place at least once, and you may want a nicer place than a hotel for such a joyous occasion. If it’s for a family reunion, again, you will probably have visitors—and lots of them. If it’s for a funeral, no one wants the impersonal space of a hotel room.

In all these cases, a vacation home is the best choice. For just a few dollars more, you can have private space that’s well-stocked with amenities that a hotel could never fit in the tiny rooms.


Lots of people travel for business, and one of their biggest complaints is about the hotel. The rooms are small and impersonal. You usually have to go out for meals or order room service. Most of them claim to have high-speed internet—but it’s often slow if you can get on at all. They have hundreds of guests competing for their bandwidth.

Solution? Call Us!

Contact the experts at JZ Vacation Rentals. Let us know why you’re visiting and what you’re looking for, and we will find a property to meet your needs—and wants!

If you like to see the world beginning to teem with life, color, and action, St. Louis is a great place to visit. One internet search will give you dozens of things to do here in the spring, along with ideas for places to stay while you’re here. One of the best is JZ Vacation Rentals and for good reason!

Spring Time in St. Louis

This region is well-known for springtime beauty. The hallmarks of spring in St. Louis are new lush grass, an explosion of colorful flowers, and the opening of parks and other outdoor recreation. Here are a few things to do in St. Louis to enjoy the season of new life while you vacation to this perfect spring destination.

The Gateway Arch

This landmark, built to “commemorate Thomas Jefferson’s vision of a transcontinental United States,” is an annual favorite, and there is no time better than when temps are mild. You can take a tram ride to the apex or enjoy a riverboat cruise for a different view of this magnificent monument.

Visit Lafayette Park

Locals will say this is the oldest public park west of the Mississippi and was the first public park in St. Louis proper. This beautiful park is full of events. Don’t miss the House Tour!

National Dance Week

If you or someone in your group is into dance, don’t miss this week! This event is a movement-lover’s dream vacation—with everything from ballet, modern dance, and other traditional western-world forms to Middle Eastern and African troupes.


No matter where you go in St. Louis, you will always find a spectacular restaurant choice. That said, most people go to the Central West End. But if you’re a true foodie, zero in on the Cortex District to the south. Officially called the Cortex Innovation Community, it’s a technology and cultural hub with some inventive eateries you won’t want to miss.

Why JZ Vacation Rentals?

Simply put, we know St. Louis. Our staff lives here and is nearby if there is anything you need at your vacation home. Our homes are well-appointed, with stocked kitchens and rooms that are spacious but still cozy and comfortable.

When you rent one of our vacation homes, you will see the difference the details make. We’ll take care of those while you tour and enjoy St. Louis and everything it has to offer—which we think is quite a lot!

As we make our way through winter days, the only thing that makes the cold, wet, and eternally gray skies bearable is knowing that warmer days filled with sunshine and flowers are not that far off. Maybe you need a little extra boost, a taste of something new and fun, especially over the Easter holiday. Now that you are working from home and the kids are participating in online schooling, you can plan to get away and play. Our vacation rentals in St. Louis offer the perfect place to celebrate the holiday in warmth and coziness while the beauty of our Midwestern town gives you a much-needed change of scenery!

The Serenity of the Season

It’s true that Easter in St. Louis can bring about some crazy changes of weather, but when you are sitting in your seasonal sanctuary, enjoying the comforts and the warmth that envelopes you, chances are you won’t notice the weather at all! Kitchens are cheerful spaces filled with light, creating the perfect environment for baking the holiday ham, boiling and coloring eggs for hunting, or any of the other myriad of chores you might need to complete for your Easter celebration. Start the preparations early by coloring the eggs at the dining room table, and once the kids fall into an exhausted sleep, put together their Easter baskets, giving our comfortable living rooms an extra touch of holiday happiness.

Not traveling with children? Sipping holiday cocktails on plush sofas in front of a roaring fire is all the holiday decorations you will need! This is your time to rest and recover from your real life worries and troubles as you enjoy a getaway designed to do just that. Sleep deeply in our bedroom retreats, waking on Easter Sunday feeling refreshed as you haven’t in months. State of the art televisions found throughout the house allow guests to watch the big game, keep up to date with the news, or watch Easter themed movies that make them happy! And on the big day, when you push away from the table with full stomachs and happy hearts, you will look back at your time with us and realize that your decision to travel on one of your favorite holidays was one you are grateful you made!

Happy Easter!

Every day is a new adventure when you spend any holidays with JZ Vacation Rentals in St. Louis! Reserve your stay today!

One of our favorite parts of any vacation is having the opportunity to enjoy a taste of the town. Every state, town, city, and country have a flavor that is specific to them, and in Cabo, you have to expect the meals are going to be tasty and hot! Yes, Mexican food and seafood rules the day here in Cabo San Lucas, and JZ Vacation Rentals has compiled this guide to the top restaurants in our seaside village, ensuring that your south of the border getaway will be a tasteful experience that will speak to your soul!

Mariscos Las Tres Islas, Revolución de 1910 23469

Eating where the locals eat ensures that the meals will be inexpensive (compared to other spots) and absolutely delicious, two things that Mariscos Las Tres Islas is famous for! Offering a seafood-centric menu that never fails to tempt your taste buds, its thatched roof makes it easy to find! And as you will discover in most restaurants in Cabo, the casual atmosphere and simple décor allows the food to be the star of the show; walk in and take a deep breath as you walk to the table and the spot that will be your new happy place!

Los Claros, Ignacio Zaragoza, Downtown, Centro

Taco Tuesday is an immensely popular day all over the world, and when you are in Cabo, Los Claros and their out of this world seafood tacos is where you want to celebrate. Their claim to fame is proudly acknowledged on their marquis, advertising the best seafood tacos in Cabo, and we think you will agree at first bite! Each taco comes piled high with seafood that is sweet and fresh and topped with pico and a special sauce so delicious our mouths start salivating at first sight.

Pitahayas Restaurant, Hacienda del Mar Los Cabos, Cabo del Sol Km 10 Lote D Cabo del Sol

Although Cabo is a casual and laid back town, not every meal has to follow suit! Pitahayas Restaurant offers a luxurious dining experience that will make this much loved spot become one of your favorites! Featuring a fusion of Pacific Rim meals, this multiple award-winning place features seaside views that will take your breath away, an elegant décor, and food so good your taste buds will stand up and applaud.

Create Your Own Memories

Sometimes the best meals are the ones you create in your own home, and our JZ Vacation Rentals fully equipped kitchens offer the perfect spots to try out your favorite recipes. Reserve yours today and enjoy a Mexican getaway!

The best parts of your St. Louis getaway will be those moments when you can piece together some time for just you and your traveling partner. Dining on fine foods, sipping sensational chardonnays, or laughing hysterically at the comedian that until now you had only seen on television are the moments that turn an ordinary vacation into an extraordinary dream come true! This guide to date night hot spots in romantic St. Louis will ensure that this escape will be one you never want to end.

Love and Laughter Go Hand in Hand

If you can’t laugh together, you can’t expect a relationship to last long, but don’t be worried! The Funny Bone, located at 614 W. Port Plaza, has the solution to your grumpiness, offering professional comics nearly every night of the week; Tuesdays and Sundays are dedicated to open mic nights, so if you think you have a funny bone that tickles, give it a shot! Otherwise, just enjoy a night of laughter, food, and drinks as some of the funniest men and women in the nation prove their worth.

Let the Good Times Roll

Broadway Oyster Bar, located at 736 S. Broadway, offers a warm and friendly space to enjoy delicious Cajun delicacies and life entertainment that could have come straight from the bayous of Louisiana! Enjoy a magical evening with the love of your life and listen to the live performances that are once more hitting the stage of the best date night spot in St. Louis. Every night is different, but the good food and the cheerful ambiance is something that never changes.

The Roaring 20s

All the fun that used to be a part of a night out in the 1920s is even more fun today—especially as drinking is no longer outlawed! Thaxton Speakeasy, located at 1009 Olive Street, allows you to take a step back to a time where the bees had knees and every friend was your Bo! Open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays only, reservations are highly recommended; pandemic restrictions are limiting the number of people allowed in, and we would absolutely hate for you to miss out on the fun found at this sweet spot.

The Wheel Reinvented

The inventor of the wheel really did make our lives easier, just as the St. Louis Wheel makes romance easier during your Missouri getaway! Standing 200 feet high and offering 42 gondolas that are enclosed for your comfort without obstructing the views that will take your breath away, this Ferris wheel has been the star feature of more first dates than we can imagine! Open every day of the week from 10 AM until 10 PM, each 15-minute ride promises to enchant, and when the ride ends, it doesn’t mean the fun has to end as well. The St. Louis Wheel is located at the Union Station which also offers mini-golf, a carousel, ropes course, mirror maze, and the wonderful St. Louis Aquarium, allowing for a night of fun that goes on and on and on!

Lose Yourself in the Story

No matter how modern you may be, a night at the movies is still a great idea for a date, especially these days, as you no longer need to sneak in snacks to enjoy during the show. Many movie theaters, including Marcus Ronnie’s Cinema, located at South Lindbergh and Baptist Church Road, now serve alcohol! Marcus Ronnie’s also offers meals, so young lovers of any age can enjoy dinner and a show without leaving the theater. Watch the latest releases or catch a remake of an old show, digitally enhanced to appear as if it were filmed today.

There’s No Trouble in River City

The River City Casino, that is! Open after a brief pandemic closure, the hottest date night of your life can occur when you hit the big jackpot at this exciting casino! Located at 777 River City Casino Boulevard, couples can enjoy a big meal, see a great show, or simply rake in the chips at the gaming tables. Inside the casino, Judy’s Velvet Lounge always has some kind of musical entertainment going on, so when you tire of gambling wander over to the elaborate purple velvet lounge and spend the rest of your night sipping chardonnay as you listen to the hottest music. This night will definitely be one for the highlight reels of your relationship!

Fall in Love with Dinner

The ultimate date night experience will always be, has always been, a great meal with the one you love. If you want to amp it up a bit during your St. Louis getaway, the rooftop bar at Vin De Set, 2017 Chouteau Ave, will take your love to the next level! Offering a menu filled with all the best French classics and views of the St. Louis landscape that never fail to take your breath away, you will fall in love with dinner all over again as you dine with the one you love most.

Every Day Will Be Like the First Days of Your Love

No matter how you spend your days in Missouri, coming home each evening to the lush comforts of our JZ Vacation Rentals romantic escapes will be the brightest part of your getaway. Reserve yours today!

The beauty of a luxury vacation never dims, and when you choose Cabo San Lucas for your extravagant escape south of the border, a stay in one of our JZ Vacation Rentals is destined to take your vacation to the next level of wonderful! Offering a variety of luxury rentals that are guaranteed to be an integral part of your experience, you will soon discover that something as mundane as a nap on the sofa can be unforgettable. This guide to your luxury Cabo San Lucas getaway weekend will ensure that every minute of your stay will be filled with excitement, comfort, and a sumptuousness that will make you feel like royalty!

A Little Shopping

Every vacation deserves some time set aside for a little bit of shopping, and even though you may find it hard to tear yourself away from the sandy beaches framing turquoise waters, we think the wares in Luxury Avenue, located at Paseo de la Marina, will make it worth a brief escape! This incredible shopping mall isn’t just extravagant; it is the first name in everything luxury! Sample a taste of Paris when you step into Longchamp Paris in search of the handbag that makes your heart beat faster. Elegant, colorful, and historic (the Paris store has been around since 1948), your simple department store purse will cringe in embarrassment as you toss it into the bin! Can’t find what you want here? Follow the path to Rome with a visit to the Fendi Store. Also offering the PERFECT pair of shoes, you might want to pad your itinerary for some extra time in Fendi!

The Souvenir You Will Never Forget

Anyone can be satisfied with a magnet or a tee shirt as a souvenir, but you, dear friend, have elevated tastes that will only be sated with a visit to Cartier, conveniently located in Luxury Avenue! Offering diamond necklaces that shine brightly against tanned skin, a tennis bracelet filled with glittery diamonds, or for the gentlemen, there is no better place to propose, and the rings offered here will convince your love that she really is the only one for you!

The Definition of Luxury

Ask a hundred different people what their definition of luxury is, and you will receive a hundred different answers, but we believe that it should start and end with taking care of yourselves! You go overboard taking care of your kids, your spouse, your parents, and if you take some time for yourself during your luxury getaway, more power to you! Divine Spa offers massages, facials, and a host of other treatments designed to spoil and pamper. Eden’s Spa and Salon offers many of the same services, but they also have a mobile spa service that will come to you, allowing you to enjoy the comforts of your JZ Vacation Rentals Cabo San Lucas casa even more! The spa packages offered here include services that mix massage with mani/pedis, massage with facials, or our personal favorite, the Package P. Offering a 90-minute Swedish massage, classic manicure, classic pedicure, and classic cleansing facial, you will walk out of the spa (or watch them leave when you order the mobile spa package) feeling like a new person!

The Ultimate Luxury

A fine meal could definitely be considered the ultimate luxury, and when you visit Cabo, the opportunities to dine in style are plentiful, even during the pandemic, although you may need to order take-out in some of the places. Enjoy a Mediterranean feast at Sunset Monalisa as the sun sets over the sea just outside your window or sample the flavors of Japan with an elegant evening at Nicksan Cabo. Featuring an elegant dining room designed to add to your experience, the menu is filled with fresh seafood and meals created with locally sourced ingredients. As stated earlier, many of our fine restaurants are only offering take-out at this time but having to eat delicious food in the comfort of your JZ Vacation Rentals vacation abode could be the best luxury of all! Spread out your feast from the Ocote Beach Club on the patio table located on the deck of your cozy Cabo hideaway, or enjoy something spicy from Casa Amigos at the dining table with a view of the sun setting over the sea.

Come Home to Luxury

Perhaps the most luxurious part of your sumptuous sanctuary will be the adventures you have in your JZ Vacation Rentals Cabo San Lucas sanctuary! Simmer in the bubbles of a hot tub, sleep in beds so soft it will feel as if you are sleeping in the clouds, or simply sit out on the patio drinking in the views of the sea as you sip a frothy margarita you whipped up yourself in our fully equipped kitchens. Reserve your stay today!

When you first dip your toes into the world of vacation property rentals, you may have the same reaction you have to jumping into an icy cold pool: the need to jump right back out! Not only are you making one of the biggest investments of your life, the myriad details and negative outcomes that accompany this type of investment can be frightening. Fortunately, there are many ways to ensure that your vacation rental property is resounding success, starting with the hiring of a successful property management company. JZ Vacation Rentals has been managing rentals of all kinds, all over the world, and our satisfied homeowners will tell you that hiring us was the best decision they ever made! This guide to the benefits of property management with JZ Vacation Rentals will tell you all you need to know.

Taking Away the Uncertainty

Once the exhilaration of holding the keys to your new purchase in your hands starts to subside, you may begin to feel an uncertainty creeping over you. What do you do now? Well, before the sweats start, your first step should be giving us a call, and from there the rest is easy! We have experience in long-term rentals, short-term rentals, furnished rentals, and well, pretty much every type of rental there is! And once you know what type your rental is going to be, the real fun begins.

Is Your Property Ready?

The chances are there will be some work to be done before we can begin taking in guests, but don’t worry, this is where we shine! We can help you prepare your property for marketing, ensuring it’s clean, bright, and ready to be photographed. Our housekeeping and maintenance crews know all the secrets and aren’t afraid of the hard work that accompanies the early days of vacation rental management.

Time to Market

Now that your home is sparkling and stylish, it’s time to let the world see its charms! JZ Vacations Rentals has the outlets to make sure your home is a superstar even before it has been rented. When you rent your property out under our management, our stellar reputation (4.9 stars at the time of this writing) becomes YOUR stellar reputation, and as your “baby” makes it debut on over 50 booking websites, the offers will start rolling in!

The Price Is Right

An important aspect of rental property ownership is ensuring the right price for the property. Too high and guests will scroll on by; if you price it too low, you are cheating yourself out of extra income you deserve! We study the market prices of rentals in your area and ensure that the price is exactly right. If you aren’t a success, we consider that we have failed!

Time to Book

An empty bed is a no-no in the vacation rental business, and we work hard to keep your place fully booked, using all the tools in our marketing toolbox! Taking advantage of brand awareness (we are kind of a big deal in the property management business, you know!), before long you will find your investment has become the belle of the ball as the bookings start flying in! Our websites allows for direct bookings and our relationship with your guests creates the repeat business most rental owners can only dream of having!

Keep It Nice, Keep It Clean, and Keep It Rented

Of course, the initial booking is just the beginning. Once the guests start rolling their suitcases up to your door, our real work begins, while the hard part for you ends! Cleaning between tenants, taking the middle of the night phone calls about leaky faucets that are keeping your guests awake, and taking charge of repairs, supply baskets for renters, and every other emergency that pops up is a full-time job that we love taking on. We keep your place nice, clean, and most importantly, we keep it rented!

You Sleep Like a Baby

Guest support is vital to the success of your investment, and we pay close attention to their needs. When it’s 2 AM and you are snoring happily in your own bed, we may be on the phone reassuring your renter that the creaking noise they just heard is just a normal sound of settling! On days when there are no tenants—perhaps a family emergency kept your scheduled guests from appearing—we keep an eye on your place, ensuring it is safe, secure, and rentable!

Time to Turn Your Investment Dreams into a Reality?

Give us a call today and let JZ Vacation Rentals make your property the success you always dreamed it could be!