When you’re making vacation plans, one of your biggest concerns will be where to stay. There are dozens upon hundreds of choices in almost every popular destination, depending on the size of the city or town. So how do you decide between a vacation rental vs  hotel room? Here are some things to ask yourself when making that critical decision.

What Environment Do You Want?

Do you want to be wall-to-wall with another family or group—people you don’t even know? How about having to go to a central area for morning meals without knowing precisely what the hotel means by “continental breakfast?” Do you want to get up when you want and take a shower when you want without remembering to hang a tag on the door, so housekeeping doesn’t barge in and see you in all your glory?

Of course not! No one wants to enjoy a day on vacation, then come home to a small space that is nothing but a bedsit with a direct line to over-priced room service and a big unknown for breakfast. For a little more cost, you can have a vacation home.

Why Are You Visiting?

If you’re on vacation, having a vacation home where you can sprawl out after a day of fun is convincing enough. But what about other reasons?

Family Matters

If you’re in town for a wedding, you will likely be hosting people at your place at least once, and you may want a nicer place than a hotel for such a joyous occasion. For a family reunion, again, you will probably have visitors—and lots of them. If it’s for a funeral, no one wants the impersonal space of a hotel room.

In all these cases, a vacation home is the best choice. For just a few dollars more, you can have private space that’s well-stocked with amenities that a hotel could never fit in the tiny rooms.


Lots of people travel for business, and one of their biggest complaints is about the hotel. The rooms are small and impersonal. You usually have to go out for meals or order room service. Most of them claim to have high-speed internet—but it’s often slow if you can get on at all. They have hundreds of guests competing for their bandwidth.

Solution? Call Us!

Contact the experts at JZ Vacation Rentals. Let us know why you’re visiting and what you’re looking for. We’ll find a property to meet your needs—and wants!