Imagine yourself sitting in the world’s most comfortable chair and someone brings this key to you. This key unlocks a door to a secured steady flow of cash over a long period of time in return for a large initial cash investment. All you have to do is “turn the key” to unlock this treasure.

Turnkey Properties is just that. It’s a term used for passive real estate.

How it differs from active investors who take the normal, longer route is basically this. You don’t have to get your hands dirty. Deciding to be an investor in Vacation Rental Properties in particular is a lot of strenuous work. Not only is it investing money but also your time, your peace of mind, and physical labor as well.

Normal Investors usually have to not only be the landlords but find individuals for restoration, management, cleaning, etc. The workload is quite similar to an adhesive, used to connect two ropes to make a longer rope, which is being used for a game of tug-a-war. Not a position anyone wants to voluntarily land in when the position for the game referee is open for the taking.
Turnkey Investors have it so much easier in comparison. A trustful company handles all the other investing while you just invest your money. In this analogy, the company would be the adhesive.

Earlier we made a comparison between a Turnkey Investor and a referee, and not a spectator of the tug-a-war match, as most companies would like to make it seem like. We, at JZ Vacation Rentals refuse to sugar coat it.

Regardless of the weight taken off, there are still some important work to be done on the part of the investor for their best and for a more trustworthy relationship between the entrusted company and the investor.

We’ll be exploring why you should become a Turnkey Investor for JZ Vacation Rentals, what are the things to look out for when picking the Property or Company and what are the possible challenges to expect and possibilities of downfalls you should have eliminated before making a deal.

Why you should become a Turnkey Investor?

  • You don’t want to spend time or don’t have the time to spend on construction management.
  • The location you want to invest in is too far.
  • Your prefer less work or cannot actively take part in the industry.
  • You don’t have connections or means of running your own management.
  • You want a secure constant flow of money to tap into.

Why you should switch from a Normal Investor to a Turnkey Investor?

  • You are struggling to keep your management in check.
  • Your occupancy is not up to expectancy.
  • Your property is losing value.
  • Your property has more potential.
  • You want to switch to a different market with better cash flow and return rate.
  • Incremental growth of your portfolio.

Prep-Work before Signing a Deal

  • Have patience. Do your research. Pick a market that you like and is possibly familiar with. Make an informed choice.
  • Pick a market that has strong growth in population, in rental income, property value, demand and stable job market. The market could also be a stable one with a small population, but of course is less desirable in comparison.
  • Listen to your gut feeling. You need to feel confident about your purchase.
  • Find a company there that you can work with. If you can’t find a company don’t go there.
  • Visit the property you’re interested in before-hand.
  • Set up a one-on-one meeting with the company you have picked. Make sure to tick all those boxes of Renovation, Management and Statistics.

Red Flags

Rent-Ready. These properties had the least amount of work done and the investor needs to be prepared to expect a lot of failed systems. If you were an active investor , this might be manageable but if you’re a Turnkey Investor, a passive investor, steer clear.

  • Fluke Guarantees. Some companies will throw around the word “guarantee” to draw the investor in but if all these guarantees are not thoroughly examined, the investor might end up having to deal with these problems in the years after the promised limited time.
  • Companies that promise low rates by undercutting. These companies don’t plan for the future and may not last as long as you expect them to.

Why Pick JZ Vacation Rentals?

  • Trust. We pride ourselves in being a Trustworthy company.
  • All of our properties are already fully renovated.
  • 100% transparency with our records and business model.
  • We have management in-house. Fully vertically integrated.
  • Guarantee of returning much higher profits than most Investors can receive in other ways.
  • Long-term value of our real estate portfolio.
  • We have a thorough local comprehension of the market.
  • Great cash flow in all our locations.
  • We always expect and aim to build a long term healthy relationship with both our investors and clients alike.
  • We have a great company infrastructure and an enthusiastic, well-trained team.

We at JZ Vacation Rentals believe in sales through education so all our clients can make a well informed choice.

Here is one of our properties for investors at, Turn-key Properties I JZ Vacation Rentals