With travel blogs and vlogs increasing in today’s media platforms, it’s difficult to not want to travel. Not just that but nowadays more and more industries are catering to travelers in mind at their prime consumer. The Vacation Rental Industry, for example, is made just for you.

If you’re new to traveling or maybe you’re just tired of disastrous trips or maybe even a novice to the Vacation Rental concept, here are some tips to keep in mind while traveling in relation to the Vacation Home Industry. Let’s be honest, most travelers prefer Vacation for lengthy stays than hotels due to many reasons.

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Back to the main topic, JZ Vacation Rentals has outlined 5 main travel tips or precautions to keep in mind when exploring on vacation. Check out our travel guide!

1. The Booking

Let’s start at home, before your long-awaited adventure. There are several things you need to prepare; to start with booking your flight tickets and place to stay. Best to keep your options open and perhaps do your research if you want the best value deal.

Remember that most vacation homes come with deals for longer stays.

Usually booking your home away from home and booking your flight later is ideal due to check in times which can be annoying if you have to wait several hours to check-in from your long and tiring journey.

You want to prep to expect to immediately crash and recover from that jet lag.

Jet lag, travelJet lag, travel

Mind the distance from the airport and your rental car when finding the perfect home to stay in.

Always go for homes managed by professional Vacation Rental management companies like JZ Vacation Rentals. This ensures your safety and comfort will be put first.

2. What To Pack?

Remember that you need to mind your luggage limit so pack carefully and if you’re looking for a compact holiday, then pack lightly.

The best part about Vacation Rentals is that most have essentials available for you already and most have perks, especially if you’re traveling with children. So before you pack, make sure to have cross-checked the amenities and extras list on your Vacation home booking page. If some things are still unclear, then talk to the owner directly to figure out what you need to bring and what to leave at home.

JZ Vacation Rentals, for example, provides a high chair and pack n’ play in all of our properties.

3. What About Food?

Most vacation rentals always mention what’s the closest places to dine, if they don’t then just contact the owner directly. It’s important to think about whether you’ll be up to the task of making your own meals or just go out for some local cuisine.

If you’re looking to stay in and cook your own meals, you might want to go to the closest grocery store for some groceries or even consider some apps such as InstaCart and have some groceries delivered directly to your doorstep. Some Vacation Rentals have apps that do it for you so there’s one less worry to think about.

4. Fun Agenda

Most people want vacations to relax and unwind, keeping fun activities in mind. So you need to make a rough list of things you can do that is the closest to your home.

JZ Vacation Rentals always offer a welcome booklet at all of our properties so you won’t be short of any places to visit or activities to do.

The smarter idea is to book the home in accordance with the activity you want to do. Like scuba diving or hiking, you’ll be surprised where some homes are located. JZ Vacation Rentals has a friendly staff that’s also more than willing to help you find things that match your itinerary.

5. The More The Merrier

Vacation homes are better and made for large groups or families while also accommodating Individuals or those looking for Corporate Housing. This way it’ll come down to fewer expenses when you split the bills and think about the fun you’ll have with everyone when you have a bigger budget to focus on the fun aspect of your trip.

People always think that it might be easier to find a place to crash during their vacation which is a complete misconception. Always book a place to stay at least a month in advance of your trip. This way, you won’t even need to pack essentials for your stay. You’ll also have way more privacy and experience the comfort of your own home in a new environment. Just make sure to stay at homes with professional vacation rental companies with the minimum of a 300 point inspection so you have a safe, guaranteed and a wonderful worry-free stay.

So if you’re going to planning to visit Saint Louis after following this travel guide, Saint Charles or even Colorado Springs, you can book your stay with us, JZ Vacation Rentals because we meet all of the necessities above.