As a vacation rental company, one of our favorite things is to be shared the stories of why our guests are traveling. To understand why they’re in town, who they came to see, and what they are most excited about doing while traveling through the JZ headquarters town of Saint Louis, Missouri.


Many of our guests are return visitors, and as much as we like to think it’s our 24/7 customer service, and fully stocked vacation rentals that keep them coming back, we have to give credit where credit is due… the city of Saint Louis and all that it has to offer!


Saint Louis is a magical town where French-European settlers settled down and made their home, mixing European culture with the rich history of the native people occupying the lands. Named after Louis IX of France, Saint Louis is a mysterious place, nestled in between winding rivers, mountain-like hilltops, and the darkest of caves, all located in the center of the United States of America.


Twenty-five million visitors travel to this midwestern town each year, and we understand why!


The vibrancy of the downtown culture, a sports culture that could make even the biggest of Saint Louis rival fans have the time of their life, and natural beauty of this sparkling city, Saint Louis is a place like no other.


But, once you’re done tasting the beers at one of our many local breweries, have seen the cityscape from the peak of the Arch, and have cheered on your favorite Saint Louis sports team, we recommend a day outing for your upcoming day trips to St Louis!


Here are JZ Vacation Rentals best day trips to St Louis Missouri:


Augusta, Missouri

Did you know you can take a trip to a beautiful wine region of the world, one that rivals Napa and Tuscany, without the 1,000 dollar plane ticket?


Augusta, Missouri is a small town in the city of St. Charles, that’s home to dozens of wineries, breathtaking scenery, and delicious local restaurants. In the 1980s, this midwestern town earned the American Viticulture Area of the United States title, meaning the grounds are perfect for growing the grapes that will go in your favorite glass of wine! This title was actually earned eight months before the Napa area… but who’s counting!


In Augusta, you’ll spend your day nestled along the winding Missouri River (which is the reason the grounds are so perfect for growing grapes)  with friends and family, and tasting internationally known wines that hide out in the Missouri countryside.


If wine tasting sounds like the perfect day trip, take a look at our property that is situated right in St. Charles, near Augusta!


Bonne Terre Mine

If you’re like the team at JZ, you’ve spent countless hours scrolling through travel magazines, dreaming of faraway lands filled with close up wildlife, adventure opportunities lurking around every corner, and hundreds of years of history. If that sounds like you, the day trip from Saint Louis to Bonne Terre Mine is perfect for you!


Named one of National Geographic’s Best Adventures, Bonne Terre, which is French for good earth, was founded by French Miners back in 1750.


If you’re the adventure seeker in your group, you can explore the underwater world of lead mines year-round, which have been left exactly as they were when last used in 1961. Keep an eye out for abandoned ore cats, picks, shovels, mining structures, and even a few lunch pails (who forgot to take theirs home?!).


But perhaps being on the ground is more your speed, Bonne Terre Mine has a narrated walking tour and a boat ride throughout the mines underground tunnels.


Great River Road

The Great River Road is known as the best-kept secret in the United States… but we’re here to tell you all its secrets!


The Great River Road is a collection of both state and local roads that wind down and flow alongside the Mississippi River through TEN states, those of which include Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana.


Even though the surface area of this “day trip” would take you much more than one day to complete, we highly recommend touring the Great River Road, at least on the Missouri roads, for the most picturesque views (family photo opp?)!

Ste. Genevieve

European culture and decent might be a little closer than we thought…


Instead of traveling 12 hours or 4,000 miles in the middle seat of an airplane to enjoy French culture, travel 60 miles from Saint Louis city center to Ste. Genevieve! Ste. Genevieve is the first permanent European settlement in the United States, located right here in Missouri.


This small town is currently taking over the tourism world due to its antique and specialty shops, fine dining, and french heritage art events happening all year. The French brought over their culture, fine food and all, and it was here to stay!

Hannibal, Missouri

Travel from French history, art, and fine dining (and perhaps a few glasses of French wine), to the All-American village of Hannibal, Missouri, home of the one and only Mark Twain. The famous American writer not only grew up here, but Hannibal, and it’s winding caves, served as inspiration for much of his writing.


Head to the Mark Twain Museum, where you can see exactly where Twain sat to write his novels, and even the typewriter he created all his work on. When you’re finished learning about the history of the town and writer, watch the sunset on the Mark Twain Riverboat, gliding down the Mississippi river.


Eureka, Missouri

No day trip is complete without a few ups and downs along the way… and by that we mean roller coasters!


Eureka Missouri is home to 6 Flags amusement park, here to give the whole family some excitement and adventure that rivals your favorite amusement park rides from all over the world.


The word Eureka is about finding joy and excitement during new adventures, and that’s exactly what will be delivered during your day trip to Eureka!


Johnson’s Shut-Ins

Johnson’s Shut-ins is an all-natural attraction sitting right outside of Saint Louis. Long ago, this natural landscape was actually created by erupting volcanic activity (we couldn’t believe it either!), where now, natural pools, rapids, and waterfalls make for a fun adventure!

Whether you want to go for a swim or take a hike, there’s plenty of intriguing spots for anyone in your group to enjoy.


Now that your next day trip from Saint Louis is planned, and you can leave the accommodation up to JZ Vacation Rentals.


Our recommended vacation rentals for your next trip to Saint Louis, Missouri:


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