A magical New Year’s Eve in St Louis, along with a stay in one of our JZ Vacation Rentals is guaranteed to give you a fresh new perspective on life and the year ahead!

Take It to the Streets

Looking to shake things up a bit? Good! Take it to the streets. Enjoy your New Year’s Eve in St. Louis by watching St. Genevieve’s La Guignolee singing troupe perform in front of a bonfire. Revelers dress in eclectic costumes and have a grand time. In past years, the singers would literally take it to the streets, as they had in centuries past, but the festivities have recently been toned down just a bit.

Pub Crawl’s DIY Style

The official New Year’s Eve in St. Louis Pub Crawl varies from year to year. But don’t let that stop you from creating your own version! Create your own version, doesn’t appear to be taking off this year, but there’s no reason you can’t do a safer and smaller version of the big event! Stop by the Tin Roof for live music and Southern-style pub grub. Or spend the evening sipping your favorite drink while playing vintage arcade games at Start Bar on Spruce Street. Revive the blarney that is deep in your soul with a visit to Nick’s Pub on Manchester Avenue. Get swanky at Three Sixty and enjoy the views of the interior of Busch Stadium. Or enjoy the youthful vibe offered at the Wheelhouse Downtown. Although you may not be able to hit all these spots in one night, you will sure have fun trying!

Laugh Your Way into New Year’s Eve in St Louis

It makes a lot of sense to laugh your way into New Year’s Eve in St. Louis. Check out the antics of the world-class comedians at Helium Comedy Club! Adam Ferrara will tickle your funny bone with his unique look at the world in his New Year’s Eve Special, and as you sit laughing in the dark with the remains of your meal before you, you will feel the healing begin; reserve your tickets today!

Gather Your Family Close

Sometimes, the best way to celebrate New Year’s Eve in St. Louis is with just your family. Pick up some hors d’oeuvres from the closest grocery store and serve up a finger feast! Our fully-equipped kitchens will have everything you need to make this an easy chore. Sipping champagne as the scent of delicious aromas waft through the air may be even better than going out. Maybe there will even be a few leftover Christmas cookies to liven things up.

Light a fire in the fireplace for a cozy ambiance, and serve up your “dinner” in the comfort of your living room. These are magical moments, as you discuss the past and and your hopes and dreams for the future.

Families can spend the evening playing old fashioned board games. Some of which could be provided at your vacation escape, and some purchased during your visit. Fantasy Shop Maplewood, located at 7329 Manchester Road, offers an amazing selection of wares, ranging from comic books to cards to board games from all generations! And when the ball drops, you’ll be glad you chose to spend your New Year’s Eve in St. Louis.

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