One of the most common questions we get as a and vacation rental business is if the market is saturated. So many people hoping to break into the business are either holding back or getting frustrated because they are not seeing the success they had hoped to. This frustration usually leads to the assumption that they may have been late to the game.

“There are too many options” there are too many rentals in one area to compete with”

The truth is? Yes. There are a lot of people in the market who are all very good at their job.

But with a big market means there is a high demand for the product, and this high demand is coming from an aggressively increasing number of people who are choosing home rentals over hotels. The market is busy but never too saturated, and here at JZ we have curated our top tricks for standing out in a large market, simply by changing how you write your rental listing.

Tip 1: Leave no space unwritten

They say first impressions are key, and you have a very limited amount of space to impress with your title. Make your title direct, to the point, and actually, give your future guest a reason to look further into your listing.

Tip 2: Write for your audience

If your home is made for a family with young children, it’s probably not smart to emphasize the bar district in town. Or say your home is ideal for a group of young millennial travelers, perhaps you mention the to die for culinary culture just down the street or all the affordable attractions nearby.

Tip 3: Leave Plain Jane at home

Do not be generic with your writing. You do not want your listing to be “nice” or “good”, but luxurious, cozy and energizing, so let them know what they are getting!


ALL CAPS on the internet is not getting anyone’s attention, but making them feel attacked and makes your guest feel as if they are being yelled at through a screen. All caps typically shows signs of a potential scam or a home, and who wants that?

Tip 5: Bragging rights

Are you near the best beaches in Hawaii, just a short distance to the best slopes in Colorado, or perhaps the Superbowl is happening 7 miles from your rental this year? Let the world know! Your guest will be searching for landmarks and activities they want to be near. Let the world know about your prime location!

We hope these tips help you gain some clarity on how to attract your future guest. What is your favorite trick to attracting your ideal guest?