So you have invested in a vacation rental property. Congratulations! This is often the perfect start to a career in real estate investing and gives you a place to stay when you travel. But how do you make sure people see it, want to stay there, and then follow through with plans? Here are some great tips on how to make your vacation rental stand out.

Listings Online

When you list your property, you have to make sure it’s the one people remember, share, and book. You want them to feel the pressure of time, so someone else doesn’t get it on their dates.

To make your property stand out, make sure it has the best décor, upgraded appliances and is stocked with the basics plus. For instance, don’t just stock the kitchen with staples like coffee, tea, bottled water, pasta, etc. Stock it with the best of those items so you can tell them that your kitchen has top-quality things that any chef would envy! Don’t just supply towels. Supply thick, plush towels from a well-respected company and then tell prospective clients about them.


Is your vacation home big enough for a family? Then make sure they know it’s not just family-friendly. Tell them it’s child-friendly and supply some toys and games. You could even build a small game room inexpensively.

Is your vacation home in a complex where they would have access to pools, fitness rooms, and such? Get some photos of those amenities and post them with short, punchy descriptions.

Are there community amenities like nearby convenience/grocery stores, upscale restaurants, and fun attractions or activities? Describe these in detail to make people not only want to go there but want to stay at your property.

Get a Property Manager

One of the best things you could do for your new vacation home business is to get an experienced property manager to help you. It’s worth the expense of having someone in your court handle advertising, screen clients, get reliable payments, and monitor the property when you’re gone or if you’re not in town.

For more information on how a property manager can help you, call our experts at JZ Vacation Rentals. See what a difference it makes to have an expert on your side!