The family vacation is a time-honored tradition experienced by people all over the world. At the beginning of each year we start to plan, first finding a week that will fit into all family member’s busy schedules, then narrowing down location, the purchase of plane tickets, and finally, perhaps the most important decision of all, deciding where we will stay! Just as not all family vacations are created equal, not all vacation rental properties are designed for the average family. When your vacation plans start turning in the direction of St. Louis, however, we at JZ Vacation Rentals offer the family vacation home that will become an integral part of your getaway. This guide to the family friendly features found in nearly all our homes will help make your final decision the easiest one of all!

Cheerful and Spacious

Families come in all sizes, and conveniently, so do our St. Louis vacation homes! Smaller families—mom, dad, and child—may prefer the cozy comfort of our two-bedroom spaces, but larger families will be begging for a home that allows everyone to have a space of their own; they will find that our five-bedroom properties suit their needs completely! For those who happen to have a teen or two in their life, the second most important feature will be number of bathrooms! No one wants to stand in line for hours (or so it seems at the time) waiting for their teenage daughter to finally consider her morning routine complete, and our larger homes may come with as many as three bathrooms, allowing her to have her own private space.

Your Home Away from Home

A home needs more than large bedrooms and multiple bathrooms to be considered a “family” home, and our properties offer that something extra that shows we understand the needs of your traveling party! The kitchens are the heart of the home, featuring updated appliances, plenty of storage space, and in many homes, the modern convenience of granite countertops. More importantly, however, is the feeling that these are the spaces where secrets will be shared, jokes will be told, and chocolate is doled out freely. The dining rooms offer large tables that serve multiple purposes. Family dinners will definitely be enjoyed here, but the spaces can also be used for playing board games, puzzle building, or conversation spots as well. Families with the very youngest of children will be pleased to learn that we also provide high chairs and pack and play travel cribs, so you won’t have to drag these very important baby accessories cross country with you!

Living rooms are the spaces in which we live. We binge watch our favorite shows, we read for homework or for pleasure, and on a lazy Sunday afternoon, we stretch out on the couch for a little nap—all things that can be enjoyed in the living areas of our JZ Vacation Rentals family homes! The televisions are state of the art, the sofas are plush and inviting, and that chair by the window offers the perfect place to sit and read for as long as you desire—some properties offer children’s books and games, as well! At night, when the moon rises high in the sky and the shadows under your eyes grow darker, our bedroom retreats are private, quiet, and designed to give the best night’s sleep of your life!

Living the Good Life

The good life does not end at the door to the outside in our unique and charming family homes. Large decks offer the space to sit watching the kids play in the yard; alternatively, because most homes have grills, perhaps watch dad or mom grill their favorite dinner choices! Located close to where you want to be, the home you choose could be in the shadow of the Gateway Arch or just a short drive away from Busch Stadium, where the St. Louis Cardinals come home to roost. The City Museum at 750 N 16th Street is open again, much to the relief of locals and visitors, offering a safe place to have fun once more! The 100-year-old warehouse in which the museum is housed is chock full of activities that will be enjoyed by ALL members of your family and includes secret passageways, ball pits, and a school bus located on the roof of the structure.

Putting the Family Back into Vacation

In a world that does not easily accept children, it is a wonderful feeling knowing that your JZ Vacation Rentals family home away from home is designed to make your travel with children easier! Reserve your stay with us today.