Corgis to Yorkie, and Huskies to Greyhounds, Shepherds and K-9’s of all kinds…

From domesticating an entire species for human luxury and having evolution work against them by focusing on preserving a breed rather than letting natural selection strengthen the species, we’re obligated to at least allow these lovable creatures to roam freely for a few hours. I personally love taking my furry friend out, so it doesn’t feel like an obligation at all. It normally ends with a smile on both our faces.

Being a fan of man’s best friend, I cannot stress enough how important it is to take your dogs out for a walk. So it’s my duty to do a little research about the pet-friendly parks in any town I go to visit with my dog.

“The Lou” offers a variety of parks to take your four-legged friends for some well-deserved outdoor socialization and play. I have reviewed the best options for dog parks near our vacation homes and have compiled this list of the best 5 dog parks near JZ Vacation Rentals, that I believe your canine will love, too!

1. Deer Creek Park

Up first we have the Deer Creek Park, one of my personal favorites.
What makes me love this park so much is due to the vast open dog play area, enough and more space for her to play and get to make some friends throughout the day.

There’s a snack station as well, where both you and your furry friends can enjoy some delicious snacks from which include snow cones, pretzels, hot dogs, etc. Lisa’s favorite being freshly popped popcorn.

I love this park because there are no limited hours and it’s one of the few parks that have no membership fees, so you can come at any point throughout the day to enjoy some quality time outdoors with your furry partner at absolutely no charge!

2. DuSable Dog Park

One of the best Parks in St. Charles is DuSable Dog Park. The reason why a dog would love this place is that there are always so many new fun faces to play with all the time.

DuSable has 2.5 acres of open space but what makes it so unique is that fences divide the land into 3 separate areas. A separate area for dogs of separate sizes: Big Dog’s, Small Dog’s, and the third is used to be able to save the turf so they rotate out which areas are for big dogs and small dogs and close the third for certain months of the year.

Although some dogs may be size challenged, it is the best hangout location. There are benches and water fountains to just sit back and relax in and lots of places for your pooch to climb.

3. Southwest City Dog Park

Now we move into the parks that are membership-based.

I would recommend this park for mainly small dogs because the area is segregated for smaller and senior dogs, activities or special events that are held are mostly for small dogs. The only thing that medium-sized or big dogs can participate in is the agility course at this park.

I’d take any and every small dog looking to have some fun!

4. Benton West Dog Park

This is one of the most beautiful dog parks that I had fallen in love with and it’s because of the view here.

They’re a small membership based park, with it being just $35 a year. There’s a wide variety of breeds that visit this park. There are park restrooms and drinking fountains available, as well. An overall great park for owners to relax and enjoy the view while their furry loved ones are having a good time.

5. SLU Dog Park & Sculpture Garden

Finding a place where you can let your dog run free and pee on art is nearly impossible. Luckily, if you’ve got a creative pooch that’s down to run wild, St. Louis University has you covered. Ellen Clark Sculpture Park is a fenced-in gem right in the heart of midtown. Two and four-legged visitors alike can enjoy the massive sculptures placed throughout a lush green dog park.

There are plenty of benches for the humans, water fountains and bowls throughout, plus a super handy bag dispenser for you to clean up after your furbaby. And if you and your furry best friend aren’t fans of notoriously hot Midwest summer days, the sculptures are illuminated at night. Did I mention this colorful park is completely free and open to all? What a treat!

So next time you bring your K-9 on vacation with you, you know where to go and where to stay because JZ Vacation Rentals also have several pet-friendly vacation homes for you to choose from.