Dear Airbnb Plus, St. Louis is Ready!

JZ Vacation Rentals’ case to bring the world’s premier hosting certification to Saint Louis, MO… and improve it.

Alex Zemianek, Owner & CEO – JZ Vacation Rentals

With the instant and explosive success of Airbnb Plus, the standard of Vacation Rental consistency now clearly separates the best from the rest. This enables customers to hone in on the elite hosting systems, where only the best-designed, seamlessly managed, and most consistent guest experience rules the land. As a proud channel manager for Airbnb, JZ VACATION RENTALS shares and supports Airbnb’s “home meets design” initiative. Our entire inventory of properties undergoes a thorough brand standard inspection before accepting a host to represent the “JZ” Brand. Our goal at JZ VACATION RENTALS is to inspire Airbnb to add Saint Louis to the growing list of territories in their luxury vacation rental portfolio.

What is Airbnb Plus?

Airbnb Plus enables travelers to more efficiently browse through the site and select from a filtration of hand-picked homes/hosts; all rewarded for their consistency in guest experience by earning numerous outstanding reviews and providing unmatched value for their customers. When it was set in motion, the feature had well over 2,000 homes to stay at in 13 cities that have been meticulously monitored and maintained to ensure the consistency continues and the experience matches the excitement.

Each and every home is personally visited and reviewed for a 100+ point quality inspection to ensure your satisfaction. Each verified home is given a virtual “PLUS” badge for distinction among unfiltered searches.

In addition to ensuring quality and amenities, Airbnb Plus emphasizes the idea of “home meets design” — not surprising given the fact that two of Airbnb’s founders are designers. In addition to improved search, Airbnb Plus listings also give hosts access to professional photography services and, in some cases, customized design consultations.

Deanna Ting, Skift

– Feb 22, 2018



  • Absolutely beautiful homes, each embodying a unique design of its own, with the necessary luxuries incorporated into each and every home to make sure that you have the best experience.


  • Every Airbnb Plus host has a rating of 4.8+, with hosts that put the customer in their shoes to make sure that they receive the best housing experience possible.


  • All Airbnb Plus homes are visited in person to ensure comfort, consistency, and design. They are checked for 100+ items that guest feedback has proven as a necessity, from must-have amenities to the art on the walls, no guest comment is too small.


  • Every detail is considered, from high-quality linens and comfortable beds to privacy shades and excellent bath products.
  • Airbnb Plus hosts go above and beyond to ensure you’ll have a comfortable stay. You can also expect to see:
  • Thoughtfully arranged furniture
  • Plenty of towels and fluffy pillows
  • Hangers for your clothing and a drawer to store your things


  • Guests can expect a consistent set of amenities determined by guest requests intended to fuse the thrills of your out-of-town getaway with the comforts and amenities of their own. Coming “home” to High-speed Wi-fi, televisions streaming your favorite applications, and full kitchens with all the cooking essentials needed to keep the family at the dinner table and allow photo-ready family members.
  • Filtered or bottled water
  • Cooking oil, full utensil sets and serving ware
  • Iron and hairdryer
  • Full-length mirrors

Consistently Maintained

  • Airbnb Plus hosts take the extra effort to ensure the home is squeaky clean, clutter-free, and fully functioning – from manicured outdoor spaces to tidy bathrooms with strong water pressure. Plus:
  • All appliances in working order
  • Functional locks on all bedroom doors in shared spaces
  • All spaces are neat and tidy

Thoughtfully designed

  • Airbnb Plus hosts have a visually impactful elegance to their design and personal character other homes are jealous of. They are as welcoming as they are beautiful.

Reliable check-in

  • With Airbnb Plus, guests can expect to check in safely and without frustration. Every home is equipped with a lock box, keypad, or a host who is on-call to greet you.

Premium support

  • When an Airbnb Plus home has been booked, you get the undivided attention of the Airbnb Plus customer support team– an elite group of hand-picked individuals devoted to exceptional aid and even speedier service than Airbnb.

Click here to take a 3-D tour of a JZ Vacation Rentals property in Saint Louis.

Our team at JZ Vacation Rentals has proven that Saint Louis has an abundance of homes ready and willing, and a host community anxious to be added to the list of cities where Airbnb Plus is implemented. Saint Louis hosts nearly 25 million travelers each year and over $5 billion in revenue showing they are eagerly searching for convenient and luxurious ways to maximize their stay. This market saturation causes expectations to rise with the competition and creates a natural attrition for the rest.

JZ Vacation Rentals has met these standards (and beyond) due to the vision to provide the latest innovation and technology, and a primary focus on a guest-first mentality. This approach has allowed JZ to build a platform that provides exceptional guest experiences while building a trusting relationship with each property owner. Unlike most Co-Hosting options that only handle channel communication management, JZ Vacation Rentals focuses on the consistency of the brand by maintaining their professional JZ profile within all marketing channels such as Airbnb and OTA’s we partner with across the entire Inventory selection of properties to ensure that the guest standards are being met collectively as a brand vs the alternative approach by other property management companies that Co-Host separate Airbnb profiles for each property allowing one poorly rated property to remain separate from the highly rated properties that are managed by the same company.

Co-Hosting can be a great option for someone trying to stand out online, but we strive each day to provide our owners a complete and worry-free management experience. Each property we own or manage goes through a 150+ point inspection completely based off of guest feedback, maintaining a constant 5-star rating, along with a thorough quality check and an assortment of unique designs.

We are proud to bring top quality service, management, passion, dedication and elite customer service to the vacation rental industry. JZ Vacation Rentals envisioned, created, and is fueled from the understanding of travelers’ increasing expectations and evaluating ourselves daily to remain ahead of the curve – Alex Zemianek


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Here, JZ will introduce 3-D Virtual Tours & other trending technologies to increase the visual appeal of your guest during their search, leading to an increase in guest bookings & occupancy rates and eliminating ugly terms like “off-season.”