Why JZ Gives Back

As the founder and CEO of the JZ brand, my mission has always been to brainwash society into believing themselves. This is how I plan to take over the world.

Early on in my career of growing the JZ Brand, I was once accused by friends, Coworkers & former employees of “brainwashing” people by offering up my advice in coaching conversations. Thankfully through the years, I’ve had an incredibly supportive family & wife to help me stay true to my belief that most people are capable of achieving their own version of success if you Invest a little time into helping them believe in themselves but in doing so, I’ve learned that you can never help someone more than they’re willing to help themselves.

Later on, I would take pride in a quote that my wife posted to laugh off the ridiculous criticism which states. “If you hang out with me long enough, I’ll brainwash you into believing in yourself”

In all seriousness, my mission as the CEO of JZ has always been to create a culture of talented individuals who aspire to become leaders in and outside of their work lives by prioritizing others needs before our own. A leader in my personal opinion is much like being a parent. All of the same values of leading by example, earning trust, respect, and a dedication towards the betterment of someone else is very much what we as parents & company leaders try to do when making difficult decisions to provide our kids, spouses, employees, or customers with a better life experience in their version and not ours.

JZ’s priority is creating a better experience for our employees who in turn create a better experience for our guests, customers, and community with random acts of kindness.

After spending 15 years climbing the corporate ladder, I learned that true leadership can be tracked by what you can Inspire others to do and performance is tracked by what we as individuals do or how WE perform. Secondly, PASSION is what you do for yourself, and PURPOSE is what you do for OTHERs, so if you’re still seeking to find your true purpose in life, start by giving back to someone else.

You can do this by offering your time, expertise, inspiration or maybe even money, but be cautious along the way because there’s a fine line between enabling someone and helping someone when you lead with your heart.

JZ JZ JZ JZ JZ JZ JZ JZ JZ JZ JZ JZ JZ Gives Back is a Non-Profit Organization that we recently launched to help us continue to prioritize our effort to support local hospitals, charity partners, educate entrepreneurs and support local legislation. Currently, the organization is run by the JZ Vacation Rentals Management team but will continue to recruit volunteers to help this organization evolve its external resources in 2019, raise funds for local partners, and offer time to local charities in need.

For the event pictured below, JZ partnered with Generosity Feeds to build out 10,000 meals for the homeless. We actually ended up getting to 10,100 meals in 2 hours time, thanks to everyone pulling together as a family.

“St. Patrick Center is working collaboratively to transform homeless services and end chronic homelessness in the St. Louis region. Collaborations are with service providers, faith-based organizations, the business community and all levels of government.” “There is one solution to ending chronic homelessness: housing. How will we do it? Housing First, a homeless assistance approach that prioritizes providing people experiencing homelessness with permanent housing as quickly as possible, and then providing supportive services as needed. We are always on the lookout for charitable organizations that we can partner with to make our community better!”

For more info or to learn more about St Patrick Center visit their website at http://stpatrickcenter.org/

Do you have a charity or organization that we can help with? Let us know!

There are a lot of opportunities in this world to make a better life for yourself and others. You just have to find them and seize them! Our company has countless ongoing projects all geared toward the same goal: Making the Community a better place and brainwashing people to believe in themselves

Have you ever wanted to get involved with a Non-profit organization but didn’t know where to start? Check out our new website at www.JZGivesBack.org for more info on how you can help or email us directly at Info@JZvacationRentals.com

As always, we love our loyal JZ Family and we want to help you celebrate the new year in luxury! Use the promo code “JZGivesBack” anytime you travel on http://jzvacationrentals.com and get 10% off a minimum 2-night stay in one of our beautiful homes! Happy New Year and stay tuned for future blog posts.

Alex Zemianek- CEO & Founder of JZ Vacation Rentals, JZ Properties, & JZ GIVES BACK.