When you first dip your toes into the world of vacation property rentals, it can be really scary. Not only are you making one of the biggest investments of your life, there are endless details and possibilities to consider. Fortunately, there are many ways to ensure that your vacation rental property is a resounding success. This starts with hiring of a successful property management company. JZ Vacation Rentals has been managing rentals of all kinds all over the world. Our satisfied homeowners will tell you that hiring us was the best decision they ever made! This guide to the benefits of property management with JZ Vacation Rentals will tell you all you need to know.

Taking Away the Uncertainty

Once the exhilaration of holding the keys to your new purchase subsides, you may begin to feel some uncertainty. What do you do now? Well,  your first step should be to give us a call, and from there the rest is easy! We have experience in long-term rentals, short-term rentals, furnished rentals, and well, pretty much every type of rental there is! And once you know what type your rental is going to be, the real fun begins.

Is Your Property Ready?

The chances are there will be some work to be done before we can begin taking in guests, but don’t worry, this is one of the benefits of property management. We do this for you! We can help you prepare your property for marketing, ensuring it’s clean, bright, and ready to be photographed. Our housekeeping and maintenance crews know all the secrets and aren’t afraid of the hard work that accompanies the early days of vacation rental management.

Time to Market

Now that your home is sparkling and stylish, it’s time to let the world see its charms! JZ Vacation Rentals has the outlets to make sure your home is a superstar even before it has been rented. When you rent your property out under our management, our stellar reputation (4.9 stars at the time of this writing) becomes YOUR stellar reputation, and as your “baby” makes it debut on over 50 booking websites, the offers will start rolling in!

The Price Is Right

One of the other benefits of property management is having a pricing expert to help you.  Too high and guests will scroll on by; if you price it too low, you are cheating yourself out of extra income you deserve! We study the market prices of rentals in your area and ensure that the price is exactly right. If you aren’t a success, we consider that we have failed!

Time to Book

An empty bed is a no-no in the vacation rental business, and we work hard to keep your place fully booked, using all the tools in our marketing toolbox! Taking advantage of brand awareness (we are kind of a big deal in the property management business, you know!), before long you will find your investment has become the belle of the ball as the bookings start flying in! Our websites allows for direct bookings and our relationship with your guests creates the repeat business most rental owners can only dream of having!

Keep It Nice, Keep It Clean, and Keep It Rented

Of course, the initial booking is just the beginning. Once the guests start rolling their suitcases up to your door, our real work begins, while the hard part for you ends! Cleaning between tenants, taking the middle of the night phone calls about leaky faucets that are keeping your guests awake, and taking charge of repairs, supply baskets for renters, and every other emergency that pops up is a full-time job that we love taking on. We keep your place nice, clean, and most importantly, we keep it rented!

You Sleep Like a Baby

Guest support is vital to the success of your investment, and we pay close attention to their needs. When it’s 2 AM and you are snoring happily in your own bed, we may be on the phone reassuring your renter that the creaking noise they just heard is just a normal sound of settling! On days when there are no tenants—perhaps a family emergency kept your scheduled guests from appearing—we keep an eye on your place, ensuring it is safe, secure, and rentable!

Time to Turn Your Investment Dreams into a Reality?

Give us a call today and let JZ Vacation Rentals make your property the success you always dreamed it could be!