1: You don’t want to increase your revenue

You love the daily grind of working 8-5 (let’s be real it’s more like 7-7 with your commute). You come home and heat up that delicious frozen chicken dinner that’s been sitting in the freezer for two months, and then you are off again to that fulfilling side job, all so you can make ends meet. Living paycheck to paycheck and only saving for retirement fills your soul with fire and makes you excited to wake up every day.

Your friends ask you to go to Greece with them this summer? No way. You explain to them the only crystal clear water you want to see is the kind streaming from your eyes when you barely pay off your bills the first of the month.

2: You have a lot of extra time on your hands

The sun shines brightly through your bedroom window Monday morning and the smell of coffee lingers through the air. You wake up after a healthy 8 hours of sleep. Phew. Another week that you have absolutely nothing to do. You spend your weekday mornings making pancakes with the family, sitting on the porch drinking coffee and then you watch your favorite shows on HGTV.

Time is on your side this week and every week. Your boss tells you to leave work early every day because she values work-life balance. You go to your favorite workout class, come home to make a 3-course meal and spend the evening using your abundance of energy to work on that passion project that is finally taking off. Life is good.

3: You’re a marketing guru that has been studying the industry for years

Your years of studying at the top business schools in the world have led up to this moment. With your Master’s Degree in marketing and 20 years experience in the vacation rental industry, you know marketing your home is going to be a breeze. SEO, Keywords, organic and paid for ads, website coding, brand awareness, and marketing strategy are what you dream of at night.

4: Showing guests around your house is your favorite pastime

Whoever said baseball was the American people’s favorite pastime obviously didn’t know you. Why would you want to be at Disneyland with your family when you can meet the friendly folks from Boston who are here to rent your home for the week. They want a quick and easy check in and to head into town, but you convince them otherwise, to stay and chat over coffee for the next two ours. Everyone is thrilled.

5: Work harder not smarter is your personal mission statement

You enjoy working 10 hours for a project that ideally should only take one. Your days are filled with… well, really only one task because it takes up your whole day. You understand that working 80 hours a week is the only right way to make money and anything that doesn’t involve blood sweat and tears just isn’t true revenue.