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Top Restaurants in Cabo


One of our favorite parts of any vacation is having the opportunity to enjoy a taste of the town. Every state, town, city, and country have a flavor that is specific to them, and in Cabo, you have to expect the meals are going to be tasty and hot! Yes, Mexican food and seafood rules the day here in Cabo San Lucas, and JZ Vacation Rentals has compiled this guide to the top restaurants in this seaside village, ensuring that your south of the border getaway will be a tasteful experience that will speak to your soul!

Mariscos Las Tres Islas, Revolución de 1910 23469

Eating where the locals eat ensures that the meals will be inexpensive (compared to other spots) and absolutely delicious, two things that Mariscos Las Tres Islas is famous for! Offering a seafood-centric menu that never fails to tempt your taste buds, its thatched roof makes it easy to find! And as you will discover in most restaurants in Cabo, the casual atmosphere and simple décor allows the food to be the star of the show; walk in and take a deep breath as you walk to the table and the spot that will be your new happy place!

Los Claros, Ignacio Zaragoza, Downtown, Centro

Taco Tuesday is an immensely popular day all over the world, and when you are in Cabo, Los Claros and their out of this world seafood tacos is where you want to celebrate. Their claim to fame is proudly acknowledged on their marquis, advertising the best seafood tacos in Cabo, and we think you will agree at first bite! Each taco comes piled high with seafood that is sweet and fresh and topped with pico and a special sauce so delicious our mouths start salivating at first sight.

Pitahayas Restaurant, Hacienda del Mar Los Cabos, Cabo del Sol Km 10 Lote D Cabo del Sol

Although Cabo is a casual and laid back town, not every meal has to follow suit! Pitahayas Restaurant offers a luxurious dining experience that will make this much loved spot become one of your favorites! Featuring a fusion of Pacific Rim meals, this multiple award-winning place features seaside views that will take your breath away, an elegant décor, and food so good your taste buds will stand up and applaud.

Create Your Own Memories

Sometimes the best meals are the ones you create in your own home, and our JZ Vacation Rentals fully equipped kitchens offer the perfect spots to try out your favorite recipes. Reserve yours today and enjoy a Mexican getaway!