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The beauty of a luxury vacation never dims, and when you choose Cabo San Lucas for your extravagant escape south of the border, a stay in one of our JZ Vacation Rentals is destined to take your vacation to the next level of wonderful! Offering a variety of luxury rentals that are guaranteed to be an integral part of your experience, you will soon discover that something as mundane as a nap on the sofa can be unforgettable. This guide to your luxury Cabo San Lucas getaway weekend will ensure that every minute of your stay will be filled with excitement, comfort, and a sumptuousness that will make you feel like royalty!

A Little Shopping

Every vacation deserves some time set aside for a little bit of shopping, and even though you may find it hard to tear yourself away from the sandy beaches framing turquoise waters, we think the wares in Luxury Avenue, located at Paseo de la Marina, will make it worth a brief escape! This incredible shopping mall isn’t just extravagant; it is the first name in everything luxury! Sample a taste of Paris when you step into Longchamp Paris in search of the handbag that makes your heart beat faster. Elegant, colorful, and historic (the Paris store has been around since 1948), your simple department store purse will cringe in embarrassment as you toss it into the bin! Can’t find what you want here? Follow the path to Rome with a visit to the Fendi Store. Also offering the PERFECT pair of shoes, you might want to pad your itinerary for some extra time in Fendi!

The Souvenir You Will Never Forget

Anyone can be satisfied with a magnet or a tee shirt as a souvenir, but you, dear friend, have elevated tastes that will only be sated with a visit to Cartier, conveniently located in Luxury Avenue! Offering diamond necklaces that shine brightly against tanned skin, a tennis bracelet filled with glittery diamonds, or for the gentlemen, there is no better place to propose, and the rings offered here will convince your love that she really is the only one for you!

The Definition of Luxury

Ask a hundred different people what their definition of luxury is, and you will receive a hundred different answers, but we believe that it should start and end with taking care of yourselves! You go overboard taking care of your kids, your spouse, your parents, and if you take some time for yourself during your luxury getaway, more power to you! Divine Spa offers massages, facials, and a host of other treatments designed to spoil and pamper. Eden’s Spa and Salon offers many of the same services, but they also have a mobile spa service that will come to you, allowing you to enjoy the comforts of your JZ Vacation Rentals Cabo San Lucas casa even more! The spa packages offered here include services that mix massage with mani/pedis, massage with facials, or our personal favorite, the Package P. Offering a 90-minute Swedish massage, classic manicure, classic pedicure, and classic cleansing facial, you will walk out of the spa (or watch them leave when you order the mobile spa package) feeling like a new person!

The Ultimate Luxury

A fine meal could definitely be considered the ultimate luxury, and when you visit Cabo, the opportunities to dine in style are plentiful, even during the pandemic, although you may need to order take-out in some of the places. Enjoy a Mediterranean feast at Sunset Monalisa as the sun sets over the sea just outside your window or sample the flavors of Japan with an elegant evening at Nicksan Cabo. Featuring an elegant dining room designed to add to your experience, the menu is filled with fresh seafood and meals created with locally sourced ingredients. As stated earlier, many of our fine restaurants are only offering take-out at this time but having to eat delicious food in the comfort of your JZ Vacation Rentals vacation abode could be the best luxury of all! Spread out your feast from the Ocote Beach Club on the patio table located on the deck of your cozy Cabo hideaway, or enjoy something spicy from Casa Amigos at the dining table with a view of the sun setting over the sea.

Come Home to Luxury

Perhaps the most luxurious part of your sumptuous sanctuary will be the adventures you have in your JZ Vacation Rentals Cabo San Lucas sanctuary! Simmer in the bubbles of a hot tub, sleep in beds so soft it will feel as if you are sleeping in the clouds, or simply sit out on the patio drinking in the views of the sea as you sip a frothy margarita you whipped up yourself in our fully equipped kitchens. Reserve your stay today!

Right about this time of year, a few weeks after the major holidays have ended, it is common to start feeling as if winter will never end. Gray skies and frosty temperatures bring your mood down, and the thought that your summer vacation is still months away can bring it even lower. There’s no reason that you have to put off your annual vacation until the summer months! If you live in a cold zone—or even if you don’t—the winter season is a great time to head south for a tropical getaway in beautiful Cabo San Lucas and choosing one of our JZ Vacation Rentals luxury sanctuaries is bound to bring you out of your doldrums!

Play a Little Golf

There is so much you can do while visiting the world’s playground, and you may think it is a little strange that we start with golf, but golfers flock to Cabo in droves for an exceptionally good reason. The golf courses that dot the landscape are award-winning, offering challenge and fun to everyone who loves the sport and a special treat at the end. (The 19th hole, of course!) The Oasis Short Course at Diamante is a favorite of all who visit, while Cabo del Sol offers more than just a challenging course with the beauty of the landscape often proving to be a distraction. The Jack Nicklaus Signature Cove Club Course found here has been a Cabo favorite since opening day in 1994. Once called the Ocean Course, this sweet golf course is bordered by the Sea of Cortez on one side and is famous for four of the holes that have the added obstacle of the rocky shores of the sea being a part of the play! Open through late spring, this course is closing for some exciting renovations this summer, so be sure to plan on making your tropical escape before then!

Fall in Love All Over Again at Lover’s Beach

Planning a Valentine’s getaway to Cabo? You might want to include a visit to Lover’s Beach, a remote beach that can only be reached via boat! Swimming is not allowed here, the currents are too tough, and the rocks are too “rocky,” but this might be the most romantic spot on the sand! Work on your tan as you share secrets on a beach towel, or simply sit and watch the hypnotic scene that is spread out before you. There may be other people sharing the beach with you, but in your eyes, your Valentine is the only person that exists!

Meet the Seals

Charter a fishing boat for a day of deep sea fishing, and do not be surprised to catch a visitor trying to steal your catch! It is quite common for the wily seals to try to come aboard to sneak a snack, making a great photo opp, but no matter how cute the seal looks, do not try to pet it. They have gnarly tempers and no fear of tourists, a combination that does not bode well for hapless fishermen and women! Enjoy the experience and concentrate on the real reason you are out in the middle of the ocean: catching giant tuna and marlin! The charter boat captain knows the secret spots where the biggest fish can be caught, and they do the hard work, allowing you to sit back and wait for the catch. There is one caveat, though; it is a tradition to sample your catch straight from the crystal-clear waters of the Sea of Cortez. If sushi does not appeal to you, however, they will let it pass!

Adventures in Cabo

You have already proven yourself to be something of a daredevil when it comes to your travels, so why not take it to the next level with an exciting tour offered by Cabo Adventures? Offering whale watching tours, swimming with the whale sharks adventures, camel safaris (yes, you will get to ride the camels!) and so much more, your Cabo San Lucas getaway would be missing something if you didn’t at least try one! Their Cabo Luxury Sunset Sail is one of our romantic favorites, and we would say that even if it was not accompanied by a glass of sparkling wine. The camel safari, of course, is our favorite offbeat adventure!

Vacation Dream Homes Come True

While there is so many more adventures you will enjoy during your journey to Cabo, the moments spent enjoying the luxury of our vacation rentals will be the ones that will bring a smile to your heart long after you have returned home. Offering the big luxuries that include private pools and hot tubs and smaller favorites such as private balconies that offer ringside seats to our most extravagant show (a Cabo San Lucas sunset is something that has to be seen to be believed!), your stay with JZ Vacation Rentals will make your vacation dreams come true. Reserve your stay with us in Cabo today!

The family vacation is a time-honored tradition experienced by people all over the world. At the beginning of each year we start to plan, first finding a week that will fit into all family member’s busy schedules, then narrowing down location, the purchase of plane tickets, and finally, perhaps the most important decision of all, deciding where we will stay! Just as not all family vacations are created equal, not all vacation rental properties are designed for the average family. When your vacation plans start turning in the direction of St. Louis, however, we at JZ Vacation Rentals offer the family vacation home that will become an integral part of your getaway. This guide to the family friendly features found in nearly all our homes will help make your final decision the easiest one of all!

Cheerful and Spacious

Families come in all sizes, and conveniently, so do our St. Louis vacation homes! Smaller families—mom, dad, and child—may prefer the cozy comfort of our two-bedroom spaces, but larger families will be begging for a home that allows everyone to have a space of their own; they will find that our five-bedroom properties suit their needs completely! For those who happen to have a teen or two in their life, the second most important feature will be number of bathrooms! No one wants to stand in line for hours (or so it seems at the time) waiting for their teenage daughter to finally consider her morning routine complete, and our larger homes may come with as many as three bathrooms, allowing her to have her own private space.

Your Home Away from Home

A home needs more than large bedrooms and multiple bathrooms to be considered a “family” home, and our properties offer that something extra that shows we understand the needs of your traveling party! The kitchens are the heart of the home, featuring updated appliances, plenty of storage space, and in many homes, the modern convenience of granite countertops. More importantly, however, is the feeling that these are the spaces where secrets will be shared, jokes will be told, and chocolate is doled out freely. The dining rooms offer large tables that serve multiple purposes. Family dinners will definitely be enjoyed here, but the spaces can also be used for playing board games, puzzle building, or conversation spots as well. Families with the very youngest of children will be pleased to learn that we also provide high chairs and pack and play travel cribs, so you won’t have to drag these very important baby accessories cross country with you!

Living rooms are the spaces in which we live. We binge watch our favorite shows, we read for homework or for pleasure, and on a lazy Sunday afternoon, we stretch out on the couch for a little nap—all things that can be enjoyed in the living areas of our JZ Vacation Rentals family homes! The televisions are state of the art, the sofas are plush and inviting, and that chair by the window offers the perfect place to sit and read for as long as you desire—some properties offer children’s books and games, as well! At night, when the moon rises high in the sky and the shadows under your eyes grow darker, our bedroom retreats are private, quiet, and designed to give the best night’s sleep of your life!

Living the Good Life

The good life does not end at the door to the outside in our unique and charming family homes. Large decks offer the space to sit watching the kids play in the yard; alternatively, because most homes have grills, perhaps watch dad or mom grill their favorite dinner choices! Located close to where you want to be, the home you choose could be in the shadow of the Gateway Arch or just a short drive away from Busch Stadium, where the St. Louis Cardinals come home to roost. The City Museum at 750 N 16th Street is open again, much to the relief of locals and visitors, offering a safe place to have fun once more! The 100-year-old warehouse in which the museum is housed is chock full of activities that will be enjoyed by ALL members of your family and includes secret passageways, ball pits, and a school bus located on the roof of the structure.

Putting the Family Back into Vacation

In a world that does not easily accept children, it is a wonderful feeling knowing that your JZ Vacation Rentals family home away from home is designed to make your travel with children easier! Reserve your stay with us today.

Alex Zemianek’s business and personal philosophy compels him to give back to the community that has supported and nurtured him.

One of the not-so-secrets of Alex’s success is that it’s never about him. It’s always about supporting others.

Alex believes the best way to serve a community is to empower its members to elevate their own positions. He thrives on giving them the tools, the knowledge, and the self-confidence to thrive.

Alex’s wife, Molly, is fond of saying, “If you hang out with Alex long enough, he’ll brainwash you into believing in yourself.”


The Catalyst

Alex gained his perspective through tragedy. When he lost his father at the tender age of 20, he realized that life is short and precious. That it never be wasted or deferred  So, Alex chose to use this adversity as a catalyst to propel him forward, rather than an inhibitor to keep him stuck.

The first step in Alex’s professional journey was to read the respected blockbuster book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. Armed with the principles set forth, Alex began his career by accepting a position with AT&T.

While it was always his intent to carry on his father’s real estate legacy, Alex knew that he had to have a solid business background from which to draw. It was this knowledge and foresight that saw him rise steadily through the corporate ranks of AT&T for 14 years. When he reached the pinnacle of #1 District Manager within the company, he knew it was time to accomplish new goals.


JZ  Vacation Rentals Founded

With the unconditional encouragement of his mother, and unwavering support of his wife, Alex founded KJZ Investments, LLC, which has since evolved into JZ Properties and JZ Vacation Rentals.

And honor it, he has. Alex has created a 7-figure business based on the principles of fairness, trust, collaboration, and giving back to the community that has helped him prosper.

JZ Vacation Rentals and its sister company, JZ Properties helps investors, hosts, and guests with many aspects of real estate. Some of these include long- and short-term rental properties, property management services, real estate development, and investment strategies.

Alex is particularly proud of the non-profit arm of his organization. JZ Gives Back, gives back to individuals and groups in the community.


JZ Gives Back to Community Organizations

Homelessness and children in need are just two of the groups that JZ Gives Back supports. In addition, they provide education and legal representation for the short-term rental industry.

Some of the organizations they work with include:

St. Patrick’s Center in St. Louis, which provides “opportunities for self-sufficiency and dignity to people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Individuals and families build permanent, positive change in their lives through safe and affordable housing, sound mental and physical health, and employment and financial stability.”

In 2019, JZ Gives Back helped raise more than $8400 for the Heart & Soul Foundation, which supports children born with heart defects, with the donation of two 7-day vacation rentals.

JZ Gives Back hosts monthly “Meet-Up” events aimed at bringing the community together. They provide education for local entrepreneurs to help businesses evolve and raise awareness of the short-term rental industry in the St. Louis area. They also provide free real estate coaching, Airbnb education, and non-profit organization.


Alex Zemianek believes as strongly in giving back to his community as he believes in its inhabitants. If you are interested in donating to any of the JZ Gives Back’s causes, please get in touch. We appreciate you!


JZ Shows its Support to Vacation Rental Guests & Industry


One of the most basic principles of JZ Vacation RentalsJZ Properties, and JZ Gives Back is exactly that….giving back. During these challenging times, it’s become more important than ever to show our support to not just our vacation rental guests, but the short-term rental industry as a whole.

So, how do we do this? In many ways.


How We Show Support to our JZ Vacation Rentals Guests

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, we have significantly enhanced our cleaning protocols to keep all of our guests even safer.

Next, each of our vacation rental properties undergoes a stringent 100+ point inspection, to be sure it is conforming with JZ Rentals standards of excellence. No item will be missing when a guest checks in. It’s just one of the ways we make sure our vacation rental guests also have a “best in class” experience at a JZ vacation rental.

Then, as an additional safety measure, we have equipped all of our properties with keyless entry. This protects you by not having to come to a rental office to pick up keys. Shortly before your check-in date, you’ll be emailed your unique door code. It also cuts down on unnecessary travel by allowing you to go straight to your property at check-in time, rather than making an extra stop.

Last, our blog at JZ Vacation Rentals keeps all of our guests up to date on the latest happenings. We hope you subscribe and tell all your friends and family, too!


How We Show Support to the Vacation Rental Industry

This is one of the ways in which JZ Vacation Rentals truly shines.

JZ’s President and Founder, Alex Zemianek, is passionate about helping other entrepreneurs grow successful businesses. As a real estate developer, investor, and entrepreneur, he has focused his considerable efforts on the vacation rental industry. He founded STLSTR.org as a non-profit organization, whose goal is to raise awareness of the magical city of St. Louis as a short-term rental destination.

In addition, Alex volunteers his time to advocate for the vacation rental industry, lobbying for positive changes for both himself and all his fellow short-term rental entrepreneurs.

Also, it’s easy to join in on any of Alex’s weekly Meet-Ups! You’ll gain some invaluable strategies for small business growth, including real estate coaching, Airbnb education, and mentoring. All conducted on a volunteer basis!


Other Topics of Interest

Always near and dear to his heart, however, is the ability to draw attention to and help non-profit organizations.  To this end, he supports (and invites everyone else to, also!) several area non-profits, including St. Patrick’s Center and Cardinal Glennon’s Heart and Soul Foundation.

The most compelling thing about JZ Properties, JZ Vacation Rentals, and Alex Zemianek? His wife Molly sums it up perfectly, “If you hang around Alex long enough, he’ll brainwash you into believing in yourself.”


That’s a pretty good place to be.

To put it simply, dynamic pricing is a strategy in which product pricing continually adjusts in response to real-time supply and demand. Without proper guidance, your Airbnb listing could be massively under priced or overpriced in off-peak seasons.


The Strategy of Dynamic Pricing

Here at JZ Vacation Rentals, we leverage proprietary software systems to automatically adjust nightly pricing rates based on the dynamic situation, season, or demand.  This strategy within JZ’s Airbnb Management Services is known as “dynamic pricing”. We have also seen it referred to as surge pricing, demand pricing, time-based pricing or revenue management.

An example of dynamic pricing that one might be familiar with is Uber surge pricing. When demand of an Uber is high in a specific area at a specific time, the cost of the Uber is surcharged to a higher rate. Our team was just in New Orleans for the Vacation Rental Management Association Conference and when we took an Uber to the airport, the cost was 2x the normal rate because the supply was low and demand was high at the time. The vacation rental industry’s dynamic pricing is similar because we adjust pricing based on the demand. For our industry, we analyze the booking window in each city. For example, St. Louis’ average booking window is 40 days out. This means that the majority of people visiting this awesome city are typically booking their homes 40 days prior to their trip. We use that information as a factor when cross referencing pricing with seasonality when adjusting prices.



That’s a high level overview of dynamic pricing and how we use it in the vacation rental industry in order to increase revenue. To learn more about how to increase your vacation rental revenue or Airbnb occupancy, check out our other blogs here: www.jzvacationrentals.com/blog

To calculate your potential revenue by partnering with JZ Vacation Rentals click here