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Best Things to do in Incline Village, NV


Incline Village, just seconds over the order from Lake Tahoe, is known as the ultimate playground for people of all ages. As a result, the list of the best things to do in Incline Village is nearly endless. Here, we’ll try to break it down so visitors can maximize their time and enjoyment of our beautiful area!



Incline Village is long known as a winter mecca because there’s never a shortage of wintertime things to do in Incline Village! Whether you prefer skiing, snowboarding, tubing, or just sitting by the fire with a beverage, you’ll find your happiness here. 


Incline Village has more ski resorts within a 100-mile radius than anywhere else in the US. You’re sure to find a favorite, among the following: 




While typically regarded as a winter destination, many people don’t realize the wide variety of summer activities in Incline Village, too!


Whether you choose a relaxing walks around the lake, to invigorating mountain biking, or lively water sports, there’s something for everyone here. 


While you enjoy a challenging game with your best buds or new friends, also take in the stunning mountain peaks behind you. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, there’s a course for you. They include: 




Is enjoying the scenery one of your favorite things to do in Incline Village? Ours, too! What better way to get to know an area than by taking in its natural scenery? As far as scenic vistas go, you won’t find much better than the Incline Village area. As a matter of fact, from towering peaks to a sparkling lake, to groves of pine-scented trees, it doesn’t get any better. 


A few of the most popular hiking trails include: 



Is mountain biking one of your favorite things to do in Incline Village? You’ll love the following biking paths:




If boating and fishing is on your list of favorites things to do, you’ll love it here! The area is home to a wide variety of fish, including lake, brown, and rainbow trout and salmon. Most fish caught her are wild, making them far more desirable than hatchery fish. They are also more challenging! Here are some of the most popular fishing holes:




In thinking about your favorite things to do in Incline Village, you might not think of gaming. In fact, you might not even know it’s available! However, Incline Village is right on the border of Nevada and the area is home to a multitude of casinos. Whether your game is slots, craps, cards, or any combination thereof, you’ll love the casino action here! Some of the most popular area casinos include: 




Do you love a small-batch craft beer? Perhaps an ale, a lager, an IPA, or even a stout? You’re in the right place! The Incline Village area has turned into a beer-lovers paradise, with a lively craft-brew scene. You’ll find that checking out the local breweries might just become your favorite thing to do in Incline Village. Check out a few of the following: 



What’s a vacation without touring some of the local sites? With the unique and beautiful scenery to explore, be sure to set aside time to enjoy the riches of nature. Here are some of the most popular tours to get you started: 



Our Very Favorite Thing to do in Incline Village: Dining!

Who doesn’t love a good meal? With all the truly incredible restaurants in the area, you’ll find that dining out is at the very top of your best things to do in Incline Village. Here are some of our favorites:





What are some of your favorite things to do in Incline Village? By and large, we know one of ours is always shopping! And above all, we always in locally owned shops with interesting and unique merchandise. Accordingly, here is the comprehensive list of all the great shops and boutiques in Lake Tahoe:



You’re welcome!


What’s one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your Incline Village vacation? Where to lay your head at night! And we’ve got many beautiful properties to choose from, whether you’re planning a romantic visit, a friend’s getaway, or a family vacation. Check out our vacation homes!