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As we make our way through winter days, the only thing that makes the cold, wet, and eternally gray skies bearable is knowing that warmer days filled with sunshine and flowers are not that far off. Maybe you need a little extra boost, a taste of something new and fun, especially over the Easter holiday. Now that you are working from home and the kids are participating in online schooling, you can plan to get away and play. Our vacation rentals in St. Louis offer the perfect place to celebrate the holiday in warmth and coziness while the beauty of our Midwestern town gives you a much-needed change of scenery!

The Serenity of the Season

It’s true that Easter in St. Louis can bring about some crazy changes of weather, but when you are sitting in your seasonal sanctuary, enjoying the comforts and the warmth that envelopes you, chances are you won’t notice the weather at all! Kitchens are cheerful spaces filled with light, creating the perfect environment for baking the holiday ham, boiling and coloring eggs for hunting, or any of the other myriad of chores you might need to complete for your Easter celebration. Start the preparations early by coloring the eggs at the dining room table, and once the kids fall into an exhausted sleep, put together their Easter baskets, giving our comfortable living rooms an extra touch of holiday happiness.

Not traveling with children? Sipping holiday cocktails on plush sofas in front of a roaring fire is all the holiday decorations you will need! This is your time to rest and recover from your real life worries and troubles as you enjoy a getaway designed to do just that. Sleep deeply in our bedroom retreats, waking on Easter Sunday feeling refreshed as you haven’t in months. State of the art televisions found throughout the house allow guests to watch the big game, keep up to date with the news, or watch Easter themed movies that make them happy! And on the big day, when you push away from the table with full stomachs and happy hearts, you will look back at your time with us and realize that your decision to travel on one of your favorite holidays was one you are grateful you made!

Happy Easter!

Every day is a new adventure when you spend any holidays with JZ Vacation Rentals in St. Louis! Reserve your stay today!