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The JZ Difference

JZ Vacation Rentals and JZ Properties have teamed up to provide a one-stop-shop property management model for all rental portfolios.
Whether you’re considering renting out your investment part-time, full time, or looking for a traditional long term lease for your investment property, we leverage technology, expert marketing systems, SEO, and over a decade of real estate experience to increase your income.

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Channel Management for Maximized Exposure

We create winning listings for your home and place them on over 50 booking websites under our established profile. You will inherit our average of 4.9 stars and 2000+ reviews, maximizing your exposure for more bookings and higher returns.

24/7 Guest Support

Our team works to ensure that each guest receives prompt and thorough support in their interactions with JZ. The Elevated Guest Experience is incredibly important to us, so we are always readily available for any questions or assistance a guest may have. We're happy to handle the 1 am phone calls.


JZ has over 20 years of construction, maintenance, & housekeeping experience. We leverage the best technology in the industry to automate work orders and maintenance tasks, ensuring timely upkeep of all properties, and allowing us to maintain, inspect, and facilitate all housekeeping services efficiently.


We have a world-class marketing team that works around the clock to maximize your revenue and exposure. Our team will set up custom digital marketing campaigns via social media, Youtube, Google Adwords, newsletter marketing, our internal CRM & much more.

Dynamic Pricing

Experience Tailored Revenue Management & Dynamic Pricing. Our expert team builds a revenue strategy optimized for your property, combining high-level data analysis and industry experience. We execute price adjustments up to three times a day to keep your property positioned to maximize bookings and revenue.

JZ Brand Awareness

The JZ Brand focuses on providing a consistent Best In Class experience across our entire portfolio. Each property undergoes our 100+ point inspection before rental to ensure that it meets the brand standard and will provide an elevated stay and experience for each guest. Our website allows for more direct bookings and improved guest relations.

Hybrid Management Services

A partnership with JZ Vacation Rentals & JZ Properties offers the unique ability to work with a brand experienced in achieving higher than average returns on both long-term and short-term rental property management. Our combined decades of industry experience allows us to adapt to changing market demands and maximize return on your investment.

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Less Work, Higher Returns

By leveraging dynamic pricing models, optimized listings, maximized exposure, and a powerhouse team, we consistently achieve returns above the market average for our properties. All our hosts have to do is collect their “mailbox money.”

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“JZ Vacation Rentals has designed a formula that consistently delivers higher occupancy rates, stronger cash flow, and positive guest reviews. Alex Zemianek compiled a team at JZ that embodies trust and accountability. They genuinely care about the success of your property and the comfort of your guests.”
-Sam, Host