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Kentucky Lake Fishing

Kentucky Lake covers 160,300 acres, offering a large expanse ideal for water sports as well as more relaxing endeavors such as fishing. This lake boasts excellent freshwater fishing opportunities that bring in anglers from all around in search of a great catch. Whether you’re planning a getaway exclusively focused on fishing or you’re in search of a fun activity to add to a varied itinerary, Kentucky Lake fishing won’t disappoint.

Fishing Seasons on Kentucky Lake

While the Kentucky Lake area sees fluctuating temperatures throughout the year, every season is good for fishing! Depending on the season, you’ll find fish such as largemouth bass, crappie, catfish, bluegill, redear, and yellow and white bass within Kentucky Lake’s waters. During winter and spring, anglers engaging in Kentucky fishing can expect to catch crappie. Spring and summer see anglers landing largemouth bass and blue catfish. Moving among the embayment, river channel, and deeper waters all affect which type of fish will be caught. A multitude of fishing guides in the area are available for those who want to partner with someone who knows the ins and outs of Kentucky Lake fishing!

Spend a casual day fishing with friends or family on Kentucky Lake, or for more serious anglers, consider signing up for one of the area’s well-known fishing tournaments. Fishing tournaments on Kentucky Lake such as the FLW series, Stren Series, Wal-Mart Bass Fishing League, Bassmaster Elite Series, Crappie USA, and Crappie Masters are just a few of the tournament series that are held yearly in the area.

Where to Go for Kentucky Fishing

While many people opt to fish from a boat on Kentucky Lake, bank fishing is also an option. Anglers will have the best luck bank fishing for crappie during March and April, when they are near the banks spawning. If you plan to bank fish outside of spring months, consider a location that offers access to deeper waters, such as the dam areas or near Eggner’s Ferry Bridge. Renting a fishing boat on Kentucky Lake is another option which allows anglers greater access to the lake’s numerous fishing spots. Marinas such as Kentucky Dam Marina offer pontoons, ski boats, fishing boats, and bass boats that are all options for your fishing base. Enjoy the scenic views and soothing sounds of the water as you spend an unforgettable day fishing on Kentucky Lake!

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