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5 Reasons to NOT Choose a Management Company to Host Your Airbnb Vacation Rental

1: You don’t want to increase your revenue You love the daily grind of working 8-5 (let’s be real it’s more like 7-7 with your commute). You come home and heat up that delicious frozen chicken dinner that’s been sitting in the freezer for two months, and then you are off again to that fulfilling side job, all so you can make ends meet. Living paycheck to paycheck and only...

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Why JZ Gives Back

My mission in life has always been to brainwash society into believing in themselves, as this is how I plan to take over the world. Now, I know you’re either intrigued or a little worried about my well-being, but hear me out. When I first became a CEO and was working to grow the JZ brand, my friends, family, co-workers, and employees often accused me of “brainwashing” people in impromptu...

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Channel Optimization

“What is Channel Optimization?” If you had to ask, then you’re definitely doing it wrong. For businesses that are not taking any steps to optimize their channel management, demise is right around the corner, and for those that have acknowledged its importance, you’re on the other side where the grass is definitely greener. JZ Vacation Rentals not only have acknowledged but is still striving for channel optimization regularly. Even in...

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Become a Turnkey Investor with Vacation Rental Turnkeys

Imagine yourself sitting in the world’s most comfortable chair and someone brings this key to you. This key unlocks a door to a secured steady flow of cash over a long period of time in return for a large initial cash investment. All you have to do is “turn the key” to unlock this treasure. Turnkey Properties is just that. It’s a term used for passive real estate. How it...

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Vacation Rentals Vs. Traditional Rentals

Succeeding in the Real Estate trade is by no means an easy task. Those who have been in the industry can assure you that it takes more than just years of experience and industry knowledge to stay ahead of the game and the seemingly endless competition. Fortunately for those of you seeking to escape the clutches of strenuous routine, the never ending cliches of everyday life and instead, get your...

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