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Travel Guide for Vacation Rental Beginners

With travel blogs and vlogs increasing in today’s media platforms, it’s difficult to not want to travel. Not just that but nowadays more and more industries are catering to travelers in mind at their prime consumer. The Vacation Rental Industry, for example, is made just for you. If you’re new to traveling or maybe you’re just tired of disastrous trips or maybe even a novice to the Vacation Rental concept,...

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Thinking About Visiting Saint Louis?

Even if you are not, here are some details that will compel you to pack your bags. There’s no doubt Saint Louis is one of the most remote, fascinating, and highly cultured cities in the world. Endowed with a myriad of cultural wonders, plenty of wildlife, traditional breweries, cosmopolitan metropolises, and large expanses of outback, it’s easy to see why this captivating city is such a complete travel destination. It...

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Channel Optimization

“What is Channel Optimization?” If you had to ask, then you’re definitely doing it wrong. For businesses that are not taking any steps to optimize their channel management, demise is right around the corner, and for those that have acknowledged its importance, you’re on the other side where the grass is definitely greener. JZ Vacation Rentals not only have acknowledged but is still striving for channel optimization regularly. Even in...

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Become a Turnkey Investor with Vacation Rental Turnkeys

Imagine yourself sitting in the world’s most comfortable chair and someone brings this key to you. This key unlocks a door to a secured steady flow of cash over a long period of time in return for a large initial cash investment. All you have to do is “turn the key” to unlock this treasure. Turnkey Properties is just that. It’s a term used for passive real estate. How it...

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Leveraging Channel Management for Occupancy

When Socrates said, “Know thyself”, he probably didn’t realize how relevant that phrase would be for every field and industry and not just individuals. Even in the Vacation Rental Industry, the most important factor before marketing is to understand where you stand on the scale in your industry. For this, you need numbers, data and analysis of your current state and a thorough understanding of your income potential and expected...

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Why Consumers Choose Vacation Rentals?

A war that dates back as far as the 1800’s is the one between the hotel industry and the vacation rental industry. When we say war, it means the growing fear of that one day the Vacation Rental Industry might completely take over. Vacation Rental Percentage Growth Over the Years As far as statistics go, this is true for most countries. We see how the Vacation Rental Industry always wins...

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Vacation Rentals Vs. Traditional Rentals

Succeeding in the Real Estate trade is by no means an easy task. Those who have been in the industry can assure you that it takes more than just years of experience and industry knowledge to stay ahead of the game and the seemingly endless competition. Fortunately for those of you seeking to escape the clutches of strenuous routine, the never ending cliches of everyday life and instead, get your...

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