My mission in life has always been to brainwash society into believing in themselves, as this is how I plan to take over the world.

Now, I know you’re either intrigued or a little worried about my well-being, but hear me out.

When I first became a CEO and was working to grow the JZ brand, my friends, family, co-workers, and employees often accused me of “brainwashing” people in impromptu coaching conversations that came out of pure passion and drive to help whoever I happened to come in contact with that day.

And this did not ease up with time, but perhaps got stronger as I started to grow the JZ business. Eventually, to be 100% transparent with you, I ended up taking pride in how my wife quoted me.

She once quoted me saying “If you hang out with me long enough, I’ll brainwash you into believing in yourself.” She’s always been great about helping me laugh out ridiculous criticism and keep me going with little things like this. Little did she know that my plan to take over the world was in full swing now.

My wife, alongside my family and countless others are the reason I have the belief that I do today, because, through their support and investment in my dreams, I’ve been shown first hand that everyone is capable of achieving their own version of success if you invest a little time into helping them believe in themselves, because they believed in me.

In turn though, I’ve seen that you can never help someone more than they’re willing to help themselves, or so I’ve come to understand.

I’ve seen what support and investment and the belief in others has done for my life, so since the founding of the JZ brand, it’s been my mission as CEO to create a culture of talented individuals who aspire to become leaders, inside and outside of work, by prioritizing others needs before their own.

To me, being a leader is much like being a parent; leading by example, earning trust, respecting others, pure dedication towards the betterment of someone’s life. As a leader and parent, the reason for waking up each day is to provide a life experience for our children, employees, and customers that is greater than our own.

So, my priority is at JZ is to create a better experience and culture for my employees, who in turn, create a better experience for our guests, customers, and community.


After spending 15 years climbing the corporate ladder, becoming a husband and father, and starting my own brand, I’ve learned that true leadership can be tracked by how you inspire others, and performance can be tracked by HOW that inspiration encouraged others to act.  But that’s only the half of it, as passion and purpose play a large roll in a successful company as well. I’ve learned that passion is what you do for yourself, and purpose is what you do for others.

That idea is where JZ Gives Back comes from. If you’re still seeking to find your true purpose in life, like most of us, start by giving back to someone else, and I guarantee you’ll be lead in the right direction.

JZ Gives Back is a Non-Profit organization run by the JZ Vacation Rentals management team that was launched to support local hospitals, charity partners, educate entrepreneurs, and support local legislation. We do this by the hard work of our employees, family, community, and local volunteers who all help this organization evolve by raising funds for local partners and offering time to local charities in need.

JZ partnered with Generosity Feeds to build out 10,000 meals for the homeless. We actually ended up getting to 10,100 meals in 2 hours time, thanks to everyone pulling together as a family.


Recently we’ve established a partnership with St. Patrick Center to help provide move-in kits to their clients to support their incredible“Housing First” Initiative.

St. Patrick Center is working collaboratively to transform homeless services and end chronic homelessness in the St. Louis region. Collaborations are with service providers, faith-based organizations, the business community and all levels of government.” “There is one solution to ending chronic homelessness: housing. How will we do it? Housing First, a homeless assistance approach that prioritizes providing people experiencing homelessness with permanent housing as quickly as possible, and then providing supportive services as needed. We are always on the lookout for charitable organizations that we can partner with to make our community better!”

For more info or to learn more about St Patrick Center visit their website at

Alex Zemianek- CEO & Founder of JZ Vacation Rentals, JZ Properties, & JZ GIVES BACK.