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Looking for a summer vacation in the Gateway to the West? Book a St. Louis vacation rental to experience the best of our beloved city! Take in the views from the Gateway Arch, explore the St. Louis Zoo, or make a visit to a park or historic site like the Cahokia Mounds. With so much to explore and plenty of homes, townhomes, or studios to make your home-away-from-home, there is no better way to experience the city than booking a St. Louis vacation rental!

1. Take in the View from the Gateway Arch

St. Louis Vacation Rental

A stay in a St. Louis vacation rental isn’t complete without visiting the iconic Gateway Arch. Ride the tram to the top of the arch to take in the best views of the city, learn about American history at the Gateway Arch museum, or take a riverboat cruise on the Mississippi. You haven’t seen St. Louis till you have seen it from the top of the Gateway Arch!

2. Have a Wild Afternoon at the St. Louis Zoo

St. Louis Vacation Rental

What’s better than a summer day spent at the zoo? Walk around the zoo and find over 12,000 animals ranging from giraffes, big cats, elephants, and so many more! You can also attend a sea lion show or hop aboard the Zooline Railroad. Children of all ages will enjoy a day at the zoo! Admission to the St. Louis Zoo is free, but you will need to make a reservation online.

3. Cheer on the Cardinals at Busch Stadium

St. Louis Vacation Rental

Enjoy America’s pastime at Busch Stadium! Cheer on the St. Louis Cardinals when you attend a summer baseball game. Grab some peanuts and cracker jacks, a hot dog, nachos, and an ice-cold lemonade or beer to sip on while you enjoy the game! Cardinal fan or not, a summer baseball game while enjoying your St. Louis vacation rental is a must!

4. Get Outdoors and Visit a St. Louis Park

St. Louis Vacation Rental

St. Louis is also home to a variety of parks that are ideal for summer afternoons spent outdoors! Tilles Park is an ideal place for little ones to enjoy a playground or to play a round of tennis on the courts! Or, head to Forest Park which is not only home to beautiful, spanning green areas but also museums, the St. Louis Zoo, and events. Or, head to the Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site. Sitting just 12 miles outside of St. Louis across the state line in Illinois, this historic site features a museum, trails, as well as guided tours that educate visitors about an expansive civilization in AD 1250.

5. Relax and Stay in a St. Louis Vacation Rental

St. Louis Vacation Rental

Book a St. Louis vacation rental to enjoy the privacy and space that comes with staying in a private home. With locations near downtown and in charming neighborhoods throughout the city, your family and friends will enjoy the comfort of added amenities that come with booking a St. Louis vacation rental. Relax in an open concept living space complete with a fully equipped kitchen and enjoy amenities that will have you feeling right at home like in-unit washers and dryers, Wi-Fi, and more!

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Considering joining the world of vacation rentals and not sure where to start? From where to list your property to how to manage cleaning and maintenance, there is a lot to consider when beginning your vacation rental journey. Find out what you should consider when choosing a vacation rental property management company and why JZ Vacation Rentals may be a perfect fit!

1. Maximizing Profit: What are the Vacation Rental Property Management Fees?

On the fence about being a self-managed vacation rental or working with a property management company? One of your main concerns may be the fee that you will pay for the services and have questions. Will it be worth it? Should you just do it yourself? You may also not be aware of all the things that come along with successfully operating a vacation rental. From having eye-catching photos, a professional listing, excellent customer service, and knowing what to charge for a night’s stay, there is a lot to consider. Luckily, JZ Vacation Rentals does it all! Our focus is to increase revenue exponentially and provide an exceptional guest experience. This means more money incoming and less work for our homeowners — all for a standard vacation rental property management fee.

2. Marketing & Channel Distribution for Vacation Rentals

Property management companies are here to help take on the marketing side of a vacation rental business. You’ll want to ensure that your property is getting the spotlight it deserves. Marketing can be done through digital marketing campaigns, newsletters, and more. You also want to make sure that guests can find your vacation rental listing! Listing with JZ Vacation Rentals means your property will be on more than 50 booking websites. This allows guests to find and book your rental wherever they may be looking!

3. Dynamic Pricing

The vacation rental market is an ever-changing environment with demand fluctuating depending on season, local events, holidays, and more. To make sure your rental stays booked without leaving money on the table, your pricing should be equally dynamic. It is important to ask potential property management companies how they implement dynamic pricing. With JZ Vacation Rentals, we will handle this aspect for you and even makes pricing adjustments 3 times a day to ensure that your property is optimized for bookings and profit!

4. Customer Experience Support & Technology

Another perk of hiring a property management company is having some of the guest experience aspects and upkeep of your property taken off your shoulders. With JZ Vacation Rentals, your guests receive 24/7 support and you get the peace of mind knowing that your guests will get their answers or concerns answered — even in the middle of the night! You and your guests will also have the benefit of technology that makes contacting the JZ Vacation Rentals team with questions or concerns simple and efficient! Guests with questions? We’re on it!

5. Housekeeping & Maintenance for Your Vacation Rental

Of course, between bookings it is important to make sure that your property is thoroughly cleaned and prepared for the next group of guests. You’ll want to make sure that your property management team can handle or assist you in the housekeeping services you’ll need as well as any maintenance tasks that may arise. Have a guest mention a leaky faucet or a running toilet? Hire a property management company that will ensure your property is clean and ready for guests!

Why choose JZ Vacation Rentals as your Property Management Company?

As a homeowner, when you choose JZ Vacation Rentals you get all the benefits mentioned above and so much more! All of our vacation rental properties must undergo a thorough inspection process to ensure they meet guest standards. Our strategy of quality over quantity means that guests have their expectations met and exceeded, and our homeowners get to be a part of our outstanding brand with over 2,000 positive guest reviews. You’ll also receive specific channel badges such as Airbnb’s “Superhost” on your vacation rental’s listing on distribution sites.

Plus, we offer additional services that go above and beyond. Furnishing, designing and even remodeling properties — we do it all! Essentially, we can cover everything needed for your vacation rental to have an outstanding online presence and an exceptional experience for your guests!

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